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Effective accounting and bookkeeping is often one of the key factors that can make or break an e-commerce enterprise. Working with an ecommerce CPA specializing in e-business and virtual stores can take your business to the next level.

Accountor CPA is Canada’s choice for ecommerce accounting and bookkeeping services. As a virtual accounting firm, we understand the importance of software, integration, and virtual data for running a business and effectively saving time and money.

We offer a number of ecommerce accounting, tax, and bookkeeping solutions to help you grow your business effectively. Our ecommerce specialist accountants work with multiple ecommerce selling platforms and software programs to ensure you are maximizing your bottom line wherever possible.

Learn more about our ecommerce bookkeeping services and tax accounting or contact us for a free consultation for your business.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions for Major E-Commerce Platforms

When an individual starts an online business, or a company shifts to web selling instead of physical retail stores, there is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a virtual software platform. That’s why we offer e-commerce seller accounting services and solutions for Canada’s top virtual platforms. Whatever e-commerce platform, payment processor, or sales tracker you use, we have the tax accounting and bookkeeping solutions for you.


As one of the largest e-business shop platforms, we offer robust integration for Shopify and accounting platforms to eliminate manual data entry and help you keep up with your e-shop growth.

More info: Accounting Tax Services for Shopify in Canada


Ebay sellers often face a unique challenge in selling products internationally. Charging and remitting sales tax appropriately can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. Our ecommerce tax accountants ensure you are meeting all tax obligations to minimize impact to your bottom line.

More info: Accounting Tax Services for Ebay in Canada

Amazon Sellers

We work with Amazon sellers in Canada and abroad to ensure they are meeting their international tax obligations and managing their ecommerce accounting effectively. Stay organized easily and let us handle the complexities of international Amazon selling.

More info: Accounting Tax Services for Amazon Sellers in Canada


Etsy has become more than just a hobby e-sales site! With effective Etsy bookkeeping and accounting, you can turn your specialized art into a successful full-time business.

More info: Accounting Tax Services for Etsy in Canada


Dropshipping is a business model that allows anyone to be an entrepreneur. Our ecommerce tax accountants love working with dropshippers to help them grow their businesses effectively, outsell the competition, and simplify their tax obligations.

More info: Accounting Tax Services for Dropshipping in Canada


Wix store owners have a variety of options for ecommerce accounting and bookkeeping when it comes to software, integration, and management. Our ecommerce CPAs know Wix and can help you automate your financial operations.

More info: Accounting Tax Services for Wix Stores in Canada


Squarespace is one of the Internet’s largest ecommerce platforms. It naturally follows that they have some of the most robust e-business accounting integrations and customizations. We can help you navigate the complex information provided to give you financial summaries that help you make effective business decisions.

More info: Accounting Tax Services for Squarespace in Canada


If your small business, SME, or corporation uses Lightspeed POS, you have a wealth of information about sales, clients, and staff at your fingertips. Let us help you manage all this information in easy-to-use dashboards that consolidate important information so you can run your multi-branch enterprise.

More info: Accounting Tax Services for Lightspeed in Canada


Magento can be a difficult ecommerce platform to navigate and customize, but when it is done effectively, you have access to important sales data. Our ecommerce CPAs help you find the best integration and combinations to achieve this.

More info: Accounting Tax Services for Magento in Canada


As Opencart continues to grow, so does their ecommerce bookkeeping and accounting options. Our ecommerce seller accountants at Accountor CPA ensure your Opencart business accounting is optimized.

More info: Accounting Tax Services for OpenCart in Canada


Accepting payments using Square is just the beginning when it comes to this software’s capabilities. With robust features in an easy-to-use platform, you can analyze your sales and cash flow at a glance when we set you up with the best Square accounting software.

More info: Accounting Tax Services for Square in Canada


Woocommerce has tons of ecommerce accounting software options available, some of which can be hard to implement and navigate. Our expert CPAs never let you get overwhelmed with managing your Woocommerce shop.

More info: Accounting Tax Services for Woocommerce in Canada

The Ecommerce Accountants for Your Accounting Software

Specializing as ecommerce CPAs means we need to work with the industry’s leading e-business accounting software. We provide our clients with a range of options to ensure we find the best ecommerce tax accounting and bookkeeping software for them.

Some of the ecommerce specialist accounting programs and services we provide include:

  • QuickBooks ecommerce integration
  • QuickBooks Online ecommerce
  • Xero ecommerce integration
  • Wave Accounting integration
  • Sage50 ecommerce integration

If you are already using ecommerce accounting and bookkeeping software, we can help you find third-party apps to integrate your programs seamlessly. If you are still on the market for the perfect tax accounting software, we can help you choose the best one.

Why Work With Accountor CPA for E-Commerce Bookkeeping & Accounting Services?

We Ensure You are Fully Compliant

We ensure you follow all regulations and legislation for taxes in Canada, federally and provincially. Reduce the risk of mistakes and get peace of mind.

Beat the Competition Faster

Expand faster, have better products, and better prices for Canadians when you have a deep understanding of your finances and opportunities.

Get Regular Statements

We let you know how your e-commerce sales and transactions are doing through regular meetings and software. You’re always in the know with us.

We’re Your Canadian Partner

Our team is part of your team. We act as your business partners across your ventures as you grow.

Get Peace of Mind

You never have to worry that you are missing something, making a mistake, or letting something important slip by. We keep on top of your important deadlines and documents.

Benefit from Our Wide Experience

With years of experience working with small businesses and SMEs in the virtual world, we understand the industry best.

Work with Expert CPAs

Our accountants and bookkeepers are certified and experienced CPAs for ecommerce, so you are getting the highest level of service and expertise at all times.

Get Qualified Advice

Looking to make a big purchase, start a new shop, or change markets? Our accountants can give you the financial advice you need to take on new challenges successfully.

Software Management & Help

Dealing with accounting software can be difficult. That’s why we handle the set up, management, and integration for you so you see the information you need, when you need it.

Our E-Commerce Accounting Services for Businesses in Canada and Abroad

Whatever e-commerce platform you use, the team of dedicated professionals at Accountor CPA can help you navigate the complexities around your business’ accounting, bookkeeping, and tax obligations.

As part of our e-business services for enterprises, we offer:

  • Business registration
  • Tax number registration for all provinces and jurisdictions
  • Tax document collection and preparation
  • Tax filing according to Canadian regulations
  • Complete tax compliance
  • Payment processing for tax refunds or tax payable
  • Regular bookkeeping and record collection
  • Money and expense tracking
  • Invoice monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Payroll and team management
  • Accounting support
  • Account reconciliation
  • Accounting and bookkeeping application recommendations and set up
  • Accounting software maintenance and updates
  • Financial statement creation and analysis
  • Audit support
  • Liaising with the CRA on your behalf when required
  • A dedicated team to provide support and answer your Canadian tax questions
  • Professional advice and recommendations year-round
  • Canadian tax planning

And so much more. We truly believe that our clients are more than just that - they are our business partners. Your success means our success.

Contact us for a free consultation for your e-commerce store and see how our ecommerce bookkeeping services and accounting can change your business.

What Our Clients Say

I started an online business with Shopify as a hobby, but when it started to grow and expand, I was totally at a loss about how to manage my finances and even begin to keep financial records. Accountor CPA set me up with amazing ecommerce accounting management services and Shopify accounting integration quickly and easily. Now, I don’t trust anyone else to touch my books.

I was entering my sales data from my Ebay and Etsy transactions manually into QuickBooks and it was taking hours of time each week that I just didn’t have. Accountor CPA set up automatic syncing and software with Accountor CPA’s QuickBooks ecommerce services. Thank you for your help and I look forward to working with you for years to come!

Accountor CPA helped me expand my business into Canada where I had no experience and no knowledge of the tax systems. I would have been helpless without my team of ecommerce accountants and bookkeepers and now my business is flourishing here.

I was having trouble with my bookkeeping for my e-business and wasn’t sure what bookkeeping software I should be using, or if the platform I was using was right for me. Accountor CPA steered me in the right direction and now my bookkeeping is a breeze.

Thank you to the entire team of accountants at Accountor CPA for turning my mess of documents into an organized system of bookkeeping for my ecommerce business with great software. My Woocommerce customers thank you too for allowing me to provide them with better service.

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Looking for an ecommerce accountant near you? Accountor CPA is a virtual accounting firm that specializes in e-commerce solutions and services.

Take control of your e-business finances with Accountor CPA. Our CPAs are passionate about ecommerce services in Canada will help you grow your business more quickly and effectively than ever before.

We offer free consultations to e-commerce business owners, small businesses, SMEs, and large corporation alike. Meet our expert team of CPAs and learn what sets us apart from other Canadian accounting firms when it comes to ecommerce seller accounting.

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