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Businesses face a number of challenges when it comes to payroll management. Handling employee turnover, managing time off requests, keeping deductions and remittances in line with current legislation, and administering benefits plans are just some of the responsibilities that come with payroll in Canada.

Outsourced payroll services are a comprehensive solution to handle all administrative details of running payroll for your team without the price tag of an in-house manager.

Whether you are an SME or a large corporation, payroll services can save you time, money, and stress. You can be sure your company payroll is being completed on time and accurately. At Accountor CPA, we handle all these details of payroll and remittance as part of our remote payroll services management. Payroll has never been easier. Let’s get started.

Online Payroll Services for Small Business

Start-ups and small businesses need accurate and reliable payroll but owners often don’t have the time or capital to manage it. In addition to paying wages, company payroll services also have to manage:

  • Government deductions and remittances;
  • Benefit deductions;
  • Vacation and time off management;
  • Retirement contributions;
  • Employee perks;
  • Year-end tax forms.

This is where outsourced payroll services providers come in.

Comprehensive online payroll services for small business allow you to focus on what you love - growing your business. We take the risk and guesswork out and ensure your employees get paid right and on time.

Our managed payroll system helps organizations fully understand the employee cycle, from first hire, to taxes, to time off, to retirement. Experienced payroll professionals provide a seamless transition and work closely with you to give you trusted guidance.

We help firms across Canada manage their accounting and payroll services. Contact us for a quote for your payroll services for small business today.

How Much Do Payroll Services Cost?

The average cost of a payroll service depends on a number of factors, including the number of employees, number of pay periods each year, and level of service required. In most cases, small business payroll services cost a fraction of hiring an in-house manager.

Our flexible outsourced payroll services ensure your SME or corporation get the comprehensive solutions you need.

Payroll Services Calculator

Get an accurate quote for payroll service fees for your start up or SME with Accountor CPA’s Payroll Services Calculator. This calculator provides an estimated cost of our professional payroll services for your unique business.

[Get your custom quote from our Payroll Services Calculator here.]

Benefits of Online Payroll Services

Could your business benefit from online and remote payroll services? If you’re an SME looking to simplify your payroll and tax filings, these solutions can make all the difference.

There’s no need for a ledger or weekly phone calls to update your payroll services centre. Accountor CPA’s payroll services for small business and SME are completely online. Time sheets can be uploaded 24/7 and data is updated in real time. We keep a full record of all payment histories and records for an organized year-end and auditing.

Get all the benefits of Accountor CPA’s professional payroll services.

  • Get on time and accurate payroll for your employees at the intervals you need;
  • Make year-end simple by issuing T4s and T4As to all employees;
  • Mitigate the risk of missing documents or deadlines with the CRA;
  • Receive regular reporting so you know the effects of giving raises, hiring new staff, and opportunities to expand;
  • Fully manage absences in a system that is easy for employers and employees to use;
  • Update and manage employee access;
  • Get experienced payroll experts to answer your questions and provide recommendations for employee and payroll management.

Payroll and Tax Compliance

Accountor CPA is your Canadian compliance expert. Our CPAs offer professional payroll services compliant with Canadian legislation.

Payroll, HR, and tax legislation require the utmost attention to detail and experience. We are experts in Canadian Employment Standards and can navigate the regulations applicable to your workforce.

Whether you are a start up, and SME, or a large corporation, tax compliance is imperative for your success. Let us handle compliancy while you focus on your business operations.

Our Outsourced Payroll Services

Accountor CPA is a payroll services provider that goes beyond simply running payroll on your behalf. We offer a number of scalable and customizable tax and payroll services to keep your business running and help you make decisions to grow your company and your employee assets.


Accurate and punctual managed payroll for all employees.


Track benefits deductions based on your benefits plan.

Employee Perks

Track costs or deductions associated with employee perks your company offers.

Payment Platform

Easily make and track all payroll payments remotely, anytime.

Absence Management

Track all employee absences easily, whether personal days, vacation or short- and long-term leave.


Fully track retirement contributions and matching for your company’s unique plan.

Tax Forms

Get annual T4s and any other relevant tax forms for all your employees.

Expense Management

Track and monitor expenses and quickly reimburse employee claims.

Background Checks

Get criminal, social, and employment background checks on new hires.


HR consultants are available to help grow your team.

Employee Self Service

Manage employee access so they can view payroll, tax forms, and employment records as needed.


Need some extra advice or recommendations? Our payroll experts can help.

Fully Remote

Your payroll software and documents are easily accessible from anywhere, anytime, with consultants available virtually.


We act as the point of contact with the CRA or other governing bodies as required.


Comply with all legislation and get updates automatically in the event of legislation changes so you don’t miss a thing.

Are you a start up or SME looking to expand your offerings to your employees beyond just a salary? We can help you find the benefits and other perks that your employees want.

International Payroll Services

Is your business looking to expand into Canada? Navigating payroll regulations, deductions, and year-end for your employees working in another country can be daunting. Missing deadlines or making errors in documents can lead to employee dissatisfaction, disorganization, and government fines. Our international outsourced payroll services mitigate your risk.

We have experience helping global clients across industries work within Canadian legislation, offer benefits that Canadian employees expect, and gather appropriate employee documentation.

Our comprehensive scalable payroll services are fully customizable so you are able to run your payroll the way that suits your company. Our team of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) work collaboratively with you to provide seamless professional payroll services year-round.

Our international tax and payroll services include:

  • Accessible and customizable online software for management and employees;
  • Issuing pay stubs;
  • Issuing tax slips (T4 and T4A);
  • Removing tax deductions and other contributions;
  • Making adjustments to salary and leaves as necessary;
  • Managing employee benefit programs;
  • Tax filings and tax compliance;
  • Assisting with reviews or audits;
  • Liaising with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) as needed.

Our remote international payroll services are trusted by companies around the globe. Get your quote from our Payroll Calculator today.

Accountor CPA - Your Payroll Services Experts

Spend less time running payroll and more time doing what you love.

Our outsourced payroll services are your answer to tax and legislation compliance, adhering to Canadian Employment Standards, and providing consistent and accurate payroll services to your employees.

Our payroll services also seamlessly integrate with our bookkeeping, tax, and accounting services. No matter the scale of your business, we have a customized solution to take you to the next level.

Take control of your payroll! Get in touch with Accountor CPA today for simplified payroll solutions.

Save your time, money, and hard work ...

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