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Designations and Certificates

Accountor CPA: Designations and Certificates

When choosing an accounting firm, you must be sure that they are experienced professionals with the correct certifications and designations for practicing accounting and bookkeeping.

At Accountor CPA, our team of accountants and bookkeepers are all certified to Canada’s highest standards to provide you, your family, and your business with the experience and service it needs.

Whatever the size of your business, Accountor CPA provides the most cost-effective way to add highly experienced professionals to your management team.

About Accountor CPA

Our accountants and bookkeepers stay up to date on the latest accounting software, technologies, government regulations, and tax credits through our industry connections. We ensure that you get the accounting services you need to succeed.

Our designated accountants work with many service levels, including:

  • Personal tax filing;
  • Self-Employed tax filing;
  • Foreign corporation accounting and filing;
  • SME accounting and bookkeeping;
  • Small business accounting and bookkeeping;
  • Corporate tax services;
  • GST / HST filing;
  • Payroll Processing;
  • Financial statement compilation;
  • Tax planning;
  • CFO services;
  • Financial planning;
  • And more.

What are the Benefits of Working With an Accountant with a CPA Designation?

Having a CPA designation in Canada means that a person is experienced and fully certified to help manage your business financially and find new ways for it to grow.

Just some of the benefits an accounting CPA can provide are:

  • Scalable services to suit your business, no matter its size;
  • Objective and strategic advice and planning year-round;
  • Access to their industry connections and regularly maintained educational courses to stay up-to-date on regulations and laws;
  • Financial planning, smart budgeting, and comprehensive financial advice;
  • Comprehensive bookkeeping year-round;
  • Simplified tax filing;
  • Unique insight into management, mergers, acquisitions, and business decisions;
  • Minimized ongoing business costs;
  • Confidentiality bound by regulatory bodies.

When you work with a CPA, you can be confident that you receive the highest level of service and compliance in Canada.

CMA Designation

A CMA designation, or Certified Management Accountant, focused on combining management training to the basic accounting principles. The CMA designation in Canada required education, work experience, and membership in the Institute of Management Accountants.

Accounting CGA Designation

The accounting CGA designation, a person would gain most of their experience in the field. Years of experience at an accounting firm, the completion of specific courses, written exams, and management experience were all required to achieve this designation.

CPA Designation

The CPA designation in Canada is an umbrella term to include the accounting CMA, the CGA, and CA (Chartered Accountant). This was created in 2012 to help simplify identification.

At Accountor CPA, all of our accountants have received the CPA designation in Canada. CPA, or Chartered Professional Accountant designation, is among the most popular accounting designations. Our accountants have been awarded this following completing education hours, work experience, and the difficult Common Final Examination (CFE) which denotes skill in compliance, forensic accounting, planning, and more.

Our CPAs are certified to work in auditing, management, consulting, financial accounting, reporting, analysis, and more. For your SME or small business accounting, you should always work with a registered CPA to provide comprehensive accounting services and advice.

Learn more about the prestigious CPA designation in Canada.

Bookkeeping Certification

There is currently no regulated designation for bookkeeping in Canada. There are certifications that one can study to learn the best bookkeeping practices, but there is currently no regulatory body in place. This can create difficulties for small business owners looking for someone to help them manage their bookkeeping and records. So how do you know your bookkeeper has the right experience and education?

At Accountor CPA, our bookkeepers are registered CPAs with bookkeeping experience you can trust. Bookkeeping duties often stay within record keeping, bill payments, accounts receivable, and basic financial reports. But does your business need more?

Accountant Designations vs Bookkeepers

While there are separate accounting designations and bookkeeping certifications, the CPA team at Accountor CPA understands that the responsibilities of a bookkeeper and accountant are not mutually exclusive. Our CPAs ensure that bookkeeping for your small business, SME, or large corporation is done with accounting principles at the forefront to provide you with a comprehensive financial plan and future.

Comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services together administered by a CPA designation allow you to have better control over your financial well-being and wealth management.

Get Industry Experience with Accountor CPA

The new CPA designation acts as a one-stop-shop for individuals and businesses looking for professional accounting designations and bookkeeping help. When your accountant is a CPA, you know they have passed rigorous testing, acquired years of experience, and met the highest requirements in Canadian accounting designations.

Accountor CPA holds all of our accountants to the highest of standards to help you and your business achieve financial well-being. Learn how we can help your business grow.

Trust your accounting to the professionals at Accountor CPA.

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What are accounting companies in Canada?

Canadian tax laws are quite complex. There are several types of taxes levied at the federal, state, and local levels. Besides, every citizen of the country must submit tax returns once a year, in April, and therefore they have to fill out the appropriate form. As for legal entities, they are obliged to keep accounting and pay taxes. In short, there is quite a lot of work for an accountant, but the problem is that not everyone can afford the specialist. Therefore, the accounting services for outsourcing is a real solution in this case.

Whatever the size of your business, Accountor CPA provides the most cost-effective way to add highly experienced professionals to your management team.

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