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Many people believe that bookkeeping is only for businesses. However, personal bookkeeping is one of the best ways an individual or family can stay on top of their finances and work towards achieving their financial goals. It allows individuals to track expenses, prepare for tax filing, manage investments, and save towards their futures.

Personal bookkeeping services allow individuals across Canada to work with a qualified and experienced bookkeeper to keep their finances organized and well-managed.

At Accountor CPA, we are passionate about helping Canadians realize their goals through professional bookkeeping services. We work with the best bookkeeping software for personal use to help you manage your cash flow, investments, debts, mortgage, payments, income, and more.

Are you ready to take control of your personal finances?

Why Do You Need Personal Bookkeeping Services?

If you have ever looked at your credit card statement at the end of a month and wondered how the amount got so high, if you have been caught off guard by a surprise expense, or if you’ve ever wondered if you’ll ever retire - personal bookkeeping services are the answer you are looking for.

Personal bookkeeping services with Accountor CPA have given Canadians control over their finances in a way many did not think was possible. Professional personal bookkeeping services can make the difference between struggling at the month’s end and putting some money towards savings or debts.

Create a budget that actually works

One of the hardest things to stick to is a budget. Personal bookkeeping services allow you to clearly see where you are spending the most money and where this can be minimized. Having professional help to look at your spending allows us to make a realistic budget for you and your family that you can actually stick to.

Expect the unexpected

The financial planning that comes with personal bookkeeping allows you to prepare more easily for rainy days or unexpected expenses. When an unexpected cost comes up, even if it is significant, you are better prepared to handle it.No more hesitation

Not sure if you can afford a new car, a vacation, or to expand your family? Make informed spending decisions based on past seasonabl trends and your budget. You are in full control of your spending with personal bookkeeping.

Peace of mind

Working with a qualified and experienced bookkeeper gives you the benefit of their experience. You can be confident that your finances are being tracked and managed by a professional to minimize errors or oversights in your budgeting.

Simplify tax season

Tax time comes with its own set of challenges. With individual bookkeeping software, your figures and tax documents are already ready. If you have to claim expenses, have self-employed or freelance income, have owner operator income, or need to claim personal tax credits, you can be sure that your figures are accurate and your bookkeeper can help you file on time.

Achieve financial goals sooner than you expect

Retirement, buying your first home, or starting a family can seem miles away when it’s just you and your banking app. Personal bookkeeping services help to bring these goals closer so you can achieve your dreams sooner.

Best Personal Bookkeeping Software & Apps

Personal bookkeeping apps can easily help you take control of your financial life, but they do not all serve the same purpose.

What kind of personal bookkeeping software are you looking for? Do you need help with budgeting? Do you want to save more? Are you trying to prepare for tax filing? Or do you want to manage your investments and retirement funds?

Determining your financial priorities and goals is key before choosing the best personal bookkeeping software for you and your family. The team of qualified bookkeepers and Chartered Professional Accountants and Accountor CPA have worked with a number of the industry’s most popular personal bookkeeping online services and can make a recommendation for you.

Some of the most popular personal bookkeeping software and apps include:


Xero primarily a business accounting software, but its easy interface has lead to it growing in popularity for personal use as well. It is one of the best personal bookkeeping apps for long term planning for things like paying off debts, mortgages, and preparing for retirement. It has robust features that can handle an individual or family at any point in their lives and help keep finances on track.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online has become one of the pre-eminent bookkeeping and accounting software apps available. If you are taking your personal bookkeeping seriously and need a centralized app where you can access all apps and information related to finances, QuickBooks can be the solution you are looking for.

QuickBooks Self Employed is the option for those who are self-employed specifically. When you are self-employed, your finances are tied very closely to your personal finances and the finances of your family. QuickBooks Self Employed allows you to keep everything organized and stay on top of your cash flow in all aspects of your daily life.


Quicken is one of the original personal bookkeeping software programs. It provides a wide range of services from investment tracking to filing taxes with various packages and price points available depending on your needs.


Mint is popular among young adults who are learning how to manage their own finances. It helps with budgeting and tracking expenses by showing you where you spend the most money each month.


Expensify focuses on expense management for personal use to help you track your expenses and minimize them appropriately. It syncs with dozens of apps to provide you with a snapshot of your cash flow and finances at any given time.


You Need A Budget’s primary goal is to help you budget better to avoid living paycheque to paycheque. It helps you stay on track in reducing your expenses and can be great for those who are learning to manage income when they begin their career.


If you are looking for software focusing on tax preparation and filing, TurboTax can help you navigate your T4s and T1s. If you have more complicated personal tax credits to claim or need to file freelance or corporate taxes, you will need the help of a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Which one is right for you and your family?

Some of the most common features you should look for in good personal bookkeeping apps and software is that it is cloud-based, so you can access your data safely from any device at any time. They also need robust and comprehensive reporting functions, so you can get a visual overview of your finances at any time. Lastly, they should be flexible with integrating with the other apps and programs you use most, like investment portfolios, credit unions, and bank accounts.

The best personal bookkeeping software for you and your family will depend fully on the functions you need and your financial goals. The team at Accountor CPA will recommend which software is best for you, set it up, and make sure you can utilize all the options that you need. This is just part of the personal bookkeeping services we offer our clients.

A free consultation with Accountor CPA is the first step in helping you and your family take control of your finances. Let’s get started.

Is There Free Personal Bookkeeping Software?

While there is free bookkeeping software for personal use available, these options may not offer the robust solutions you need to budget and financially plan for yourself and your family. We do not advise using the free personal bookkeeping options at Accountor CPA.

Some free personal bookkeeping software comes with advertisements that make it difficult to use seamlessly. Other apps offer only basic functions, like syncing bank and credit card statements, without offering analytics or insight into your spending and saving. They may help you view your expenses, but do not help you minimize them or learn about investments or savings plans that can help you achieve your goals.

There may also be problems with confidentiality and security with some free bookkeeping software for personal use.

Most paid personal bookkeeping software and apps do not come with a hefty price tag, but will provide the security, functionalities, and features that you and your family need to manage your finances confidently. At Accountor CPA, we work with a number of the industry’s top personal bookkeeping services software to provide you with the option best suited for your needs and lifestyle.

Owner Operator Bookkeeping Software

If you are an owner operator, personal bookkeeping software is essential for the growth of your business. The needs of bookkeeping software for owner operators is a little more robust than for persona needs and families, and the owner operator bookkeeping software you choose should include all the features you need to run your business successfully.

Owner operator bookkeeping software should not only track expenses and help with financial planning, but also track invoicing, accounts receivable, hours worked, and individual projects or time spent on the road. It needs to be able to generate reports detailing ledgers and balances easily so you can get a good snapshot of your financial situation at any given time. Your cash flow management is particularly important and your owner operator bookkeeping software should provide you with an accurate picture of your cash flow at all times.

The qualified bookkeepers at Accountor CPA can help you choose the right software and provide valuable advice and analysis about your bookkeeping and business finances. We ensure that your personal bookkeeping goes beyond just your household and can include all the features you need for your owner operator business. We ensure no documents or hours get missed so you have organized books and a simpler tax season at year-end.

Having clear expense inputting and tracking is key for owner operators for make informed business decisions. Bookkeeping services and owner operator bookkeeping software is the solution to future business planning and financial planning.

Save time, boost your professional reputation, and make smarter business decisions with owner operator bookkeeping software and services.

Get Professional Personal Bookkeeping Services

Reduce the stress that comes with handling your own personal bookkeeping. With Accountor CPA and specialized bookkeeping software for personal use, you can take control of your finances and cash flow like never before, while letting go of the uncertainty and stress.

Our team of qualified bookkeepers has worked with Canadians for years to develop budgets, minimize expenses, prepare tax filings, pay bills, and organize financial documents. We understand the importance of personal bookkeeping and good bookkeeping software for giving you and your family peace of mind.

We start with a free consultation and find ways to set a budget that works for you. We handle the set up and the paperwork while you enjoy the confidence that your books are being taken care of by professionals.

Contact us today to get started with a free personal bookkeeping consultation.

Save your time, money, and hard work ...

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