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Do you need some extra support for processing payroll for your employees?

Accountor CPA offers payroll support services for small businesses, SMEs, start ups, and large corporations looking for some extra assistance in running their payroll. We work with a number of payroll support software and can provide assistance with the platform you choose.

Ensure your employees receive accurate wages and your company is fully tax compliant with Accountor CPA’s personal assistant payroll and part time payroll assist services.

Payroll Assistance Canada for Small Business

Processing payroll is one of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of running a small business. Not only do you need to ensure payroll for employees is accurate and on time, but you also need to ensure you are fully tax compliant and using correct deductions in each pay period.

Large corporations may be able to afford an in-house team of personal payroll assistants and managers, but for small businesses and start ups, this option may not be feasible. For a business with few employees or recently registered, there may not be resources for outsourcing payroll processing, either. This leads to many small business owners and start ups managing their own payroll assistant responsibilities.

When you opt to manage payroll processing yourself as a business owner or manager, it can take a lot of time to get accustomed to the software and the best practices. Even when you choose high-end cloud software, there may still be some functions you cannot quite master or some questions you may have.

This is where payroll professional advice services for small business come in. Our payroll assistants and managers are available to help you tackle payroll issues that you require assistance with, while you still handle the bulk of payroll responsibilities in-house.

Get Support with Payroll from a Professional Payroll Assistant

Payroll support services with Accountor CPA include:

  • Access to multiple online solutions;
  • Consultation to determine the best payroll software for your business;
  • Payroll system set up customized for your business;
  • Determine employee deductions and required tax remittances;
  • Personalized support for regular payroll filing;
  • Payroll assistance for year-end tax filing and issuing tax forms;
  • Ongoing consultation to assist with scaling payroll support based on the needs of your growing business;
  • Aid in maintaining employee records and tax records on an ongoing basis.

Take control of your payroll administration and enhance your business operations. Get payroll help for small business that works for you with the Payroll Assistants at Accountor CPA.

Improve Payroll Assist for the Industry’s Most Popular Payroll Software

Whatever payroll software your business uses, Accountor CPA can provide payroll assistance and comprehensive payroll service. We have experience across platforms and can customize your payroll dashboard to meet your employees’ needs and remain tax compliant. We can also assist with customizing the software for the right calculations, benefits deductions, expense reimbursements, employee perks, retirement contributions, and any other scalable deductions you may need to make. If you are looking for specific payroll software troubleshooting, we can also consult on these issues.

If you need assistance or support with payroll software, our Payroll aid services can make all the difference.

Some of the online payroll programs we can provide assistance with are:

  • VIP
  • Freshbooks
  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Wagepoint
  • Paylocity
  • And more

Get the answers you have been looking for and get payroll assist across virtual platforms.

Get Quickbooks Payroll Support

Quickbooks Online is one of the most popular virtual payroll processing programs available. It has robust features to allow a business to fully customize its payroll dashboard and employee access.

Quickbooks Online allows you to process payroll, track time, track appropriate taxes and deductions, create payroll forms and paystubs, reimburse expenses, file taxes, and more. You can choose to print cheques or make use of direct deposit for your employees, and opt into benefits programs and other valuable features for your employees.

Because of its robust features, it may be difficult to set up and customize for your business. Accountor CPA offers Quickbooks assisted payroll support to help get you set up and create the payroll workflow process that works best for you.

Get Xero Payroll Help

Xero is another of Canada’s popular payroll programs because of its scalability and ease of use. Easily add and manage employees in the system with automatically created pay stubs and records. Easily copy pay from a previous period so you can pay salaried employees with consistent paycheques faster than ever before. Xero is also a well-known accounting software, meaning it takes confidentiality and compliance seriously.

Because Xero’s payroll software is part of its accounting software, you may have some difficulties getting used to advanced functions or finding the right options for running payroll the way best suited for your company. Our team of CPAs (Chartered Professional Accountants) can assist you navigate these functions and provide payroll support for Xero.

Let’s Get Started With Support and Payroll Assistance Canada

Contact us for your free consultation. Stop worrying about payroll and profits - let us handle the details.

Looking for more than payroll support? Accountor CPA also offers fully managed payroll processing services for small business, SMEs, start ups, and corporations. Let our professional advice and payroll assistance services grow your business and save you more of your hard-earned revenue.

Save your time, money, and hard work ...

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