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About Our Company

As a small business ourselves, we have learnt that the following two characteristics are vital to the development, growth and success of any enterprise: a personal touch with all Partners, and a relentless focus on the enterprise’s vision.

We have taken these lessons to heart and have crafted our services around these ideals. To address the need for a personal touch, we distinguish ourselves by viewing our clients as our Partners. And in the spirit of true partnership, we aim to provide collaborative solutions and advice that will not only address your immediate administrative needs but also help you develop a viable and vibrant business.

And by taking away the burden of your bookkeeping duties and other financial functions, we seek to give you back the time and peace of mind needed to help you maintain your focus on your vision.

To help us maintain the strength of our brand, we provide our bookkeepers with training programs and ongoing support to help them meet all our Partners’ needs. By being up to date on all legislative requirements and software upgrades, they can adapt to the needs and circumstances of our Partners.

Our business can be best understood by becoming familiar with our Vision and our Mission.

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Our Mission & Vision

We have kept our Vision and our Mission statements short because they help us convey our goals in the clearest possible manner. In short, we aim to become your trusted accounting and bookkeeping firm for years to come.

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Accountor CPA Mission

To provide the best bookkeeping, accounting and tax advisory services to every business Partner.

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Accountor CPA Vision

To become the leading choice for any small business looking to work with the best Toronto Bookkeepers and Toronto Accountants.

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Whatever the size of your business, Accountor CPA provides the most cost-effective way to add highly experienced professionals to your management team.

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