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As a mid-size business ourselves, we have learnt that the following two characteristics are vital to the development, growth and success of any enterprise: a personal touch with all Partners, and a relentless focus on the enterprise’s vision.

We have taken these lessons to heart and have crafted our services around these ideals since 2016. To address the need for a personal touch, we distinguish ourselves by viewing our clients as our Partners. And in the spirit of true partnership, we aim to provide collaborative solutions and advice that will not only address your immediate administrative needs but also help you develop a viable and vibrant business.

And by taking away the burden of your bookkeeping duties and other financial functions, we seek to give you back the time and peace of mind needed to help you maintain your focus on your vision.

To help us maintain the strength of our brand, we provide our bookkeepers with training programs and ongoing support to help them meet all our Partners’ needs. By being up to date on all legislative requirements and software upgrades, they can adapt to the needs and circumstances of our Partners.

We are large enough to fulfill your needs

Eric Yarosh: Founder & CEO - Accountor CPA

Eric Yarosh

Founder & CEO

Veronica Taylor: Operations Manager - Accountor CPA

Veronica Taylor

Operations Manager

Alosius Sigera: Tax Manager - Accountor CPA

Alosius Sigera

Tax Manager

Sheldon Heidebrecht: National Sales Manager - Accountor CPA

Sheldon Heidebrecht

National Sales Manager

Umanga M. Perera: Bookkeeping Manager - Accountor CPA

Umanga M. Perera

Bookkeeping Manager

Alina Gancheva: Payroll Manager, Bookkeeper - Accountor CPA

Alina Gancheva

Payroll Manager, Bookkeeper

Rose Ann Layug: Bookkeeper - Accountor CPA

Rose Ann Layug


Peter Piasecki: Bookkeeper - Accountor CPA

Peter Piasecki


Natalie Omega: Bookkeeper - Accountor CPA

Natalie Omega


Megha Patel: Payroll Specialist - Accountor CPA

Megha Patel

Payroll Specialist

Ranjit Kaur: Bookkeeping Specialist - Accountor CPA

Ranjit Kaur

Bookkeeping Specialist

Why Canadian Companies & People Work With Us

Benefits of Choosing Accountor CPA

Superior accuracy for business

We guarantee absence of mistakes when filling out tax returns and managing books. No worries when we are here.

Delivering and satisfying promises

Working for your success. Take the smart decisions today for a valuable future tomorrow. Results matters.

It is quick, effective, and great

Get first-class accounting strategies from our accounting experts. We help you to grow your business.

We have every knowledge

Balanced accounting requires balanced methods. Things you hate, we will do it for you. Counting with care.


Affordable & Help you to grow

Best and affordable accounting services made for you. Calculating the best opportunities for you.

We solve all your tax problems

We provide accounting solutions for all your business problems. Have a proper service provider in your path.

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Why Canadian Companies & People Work With Us

We aim to provide the best accounting services

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Our Mission & Vision

We have kept our Vision and our Mission statements short because they help us convey our goals in the clearest possible manner. In short, we aim to become your trusted accounting and bookkeeping firm for years to come.

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Accountor CPA Mission

To provide the best bookkeeping, accounting and tax advisory services to every business Partner.

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Accountor CPA Vision

To become the leading choice for any small business looking to work with the best Toronto Bookkeepers and Toronto Accountants.

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