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    Nonprofit organizations (NPO) have to report to governing authorities on all budgets and expenses. These businesses have to follow strict regulations for handling revenue and costs. Accountor CPA experts are the industry professionals to tackle accounting for nonprofit businesses.
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Trust In Accountor CPA To Manage All Your Accounting and Bookkeeping for Non for Profit Organizations (NPO) in Canada

Accounting for nonprofit organizations takes an alternative approach to typical bookkeeping methods. While traditional businesses aim to increase revenue, not-for-profit and nonprofit companies focus on dissimilar financial goals. Their objective is to benefit the organization or the causes they support.

There are some similarities between typical accounting procedures and bookkeeping for nonprofit organizations. But, some documents are vital for nonprofits you won’t find with retail businesses. Navigating not-for-profit accounting methods can be challenging. So, Accountor CPA offers CPA nonprofit accounting services throughout Canada.

Our industry experts have comprehensive knowledge of accounting for governmental and non for profit entities. We work to ensure your nonprofit organization has the most up-to-date financials. Our team understands how vital accurate reporting is for not-for-profit businesses.

If you need accounting for a nonprofit organization in Canada, Accountor CPA can help. Our NPO accounting methods follow all government guidelines. This way, you can ensure your firm is always compliant. You can trust Accountor CPA to manage all financial accounting for nonprofit organizations.

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What Makes Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations Different From Profitable Businesses in Canada?

Nonprofit organizations (NPO) will share some attributes with other profitable businesses. But, some critical elements will differ between them. These variances make having a certified NPO accounting professional an asset. CPA firms specializing in nonprofits understand and manage these challenges.

Some variances are clear with government, and nonprofit accounting methods are:

  • Fund accounting
  • Managing and recording in-kind donations
  • Statement of activities
  • Statement of cash flow
  • Statement of financial position
  • Tax exemptions
  • Tracking grants

Nonprofit Fund Accounting Services From Accountor CPA in Canada

Fund accounting methods contrast traditional accounting procedures. Because nonprofits receive many grants and donations, a separate way to handle these funds is necessary.

An accountant for a nonprofit organization can break these elements down further. You receive more accurate bookkeeping data by using restricted and unrestricted fund categories. Restricted funds are for a specific purpose; you cannot divide them elsewhere. Alternatively, unrestricted funds can be useful anywhere the nonprofit sees fit.

NPO accounting doesn’t track profits or losses. Instead, this approach examines how an organization manages funds. Fund accounting from Accountor CPA ensures companies use their resources in the most effective way possible.

Managing and Recording In-Kind Donations Using a Tax Accountant for NPO (Non for Profit Organizations) in Canada

Not all donations will consist of monetary or tangible gifts. Professionals sometimes volunteer their time and services to benefit a nonprofit organization. Although no money exchanges hands, not-for-profit accounting specialists must record these in-kind donations.

Proper records of these alternative gifts help nonprofit organizations with financial planning. This way, Accountor CPA can help you plan budgets and extra resources as needed.

Statement of Activities In Accounting for Nonprofit Documents

A statement of activities is like a report showing revenue and expenses. A nonprofit’s statement of activities will show relevant information instead of profits.

It includes all funds from donations, fundraisers, and other sources for the organization. Then, it lists all expenses the nonprofit incurs. The experts at Accountor CPA understand how this document can inform everyone of essential financial details.

Statement of Cash Flows With Proper Bookkeeping for Nonprofits in Canada

The statement of cash flows is an in-depth view of all liquid funds coming in and going out of the organization. So, these records are critical elements of the auditing and reporting processes.

Accountor CPA is your local NPO / nonprofit accounting tax accountant solution. We can guide your organization with accurate and timely cash flow statements.

Statement of Financial Position From Outsourced Bookkeeping for Nonprofits

A financial position statement reveals a nonprofit organization's current financial standing. This critical document will list all assets and debts of the nonprofit company. This not-for-profit bookkeeping statement replaces a traditional company's standard balance sheet.

Not-for-profit and nonprofit organizations don’t have owners or shareholders. This dynamic means there is no equity to disclose. As a CPA specializing in nonprofits, Accountor CPA can help. We ensure your statement of financial position is accurate and readily available.

Tax Exemptions Within Government and Nonprofit Accounting Processes

Professionals accounting for governmental and nonprofit organizations must recognize available tax exemptions. So, depending on the business, financial accounting for nonprofit organizations are usually exempt from income tax.

Choosing an Accountor CPA nonprofit tax accountant ensures you receive all eligible tax breaks.

Tracking Grants With Proper Accounting for Government and Nonprofit Entities

Grant funding can be a significant part of funds at a nonprofit agency. It can be challenging to manage nonprofit grant accounting if you aren’t using proper tracking methods.

Accountor CPA can help you track all grants, manage their use, and create timely reports. With proper bookkeeping from our professional CPA specializing in nonprofits, your organization could benefit from possible future grants.

Expert Canadian Bookkeeping and Accounting for Nonprofit Businesses From Accountor CPA

Accountor CPA understands how complex not-for-profit and government accounting tasks can be. We are the best choice for a CPA for nonprofit organizations across Canada.

Your accounting for small NPO should follow all Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GGAP). So, to achieve this, your costs should fall into many categories. Our experts can guide you with these allocations for your nonprofit bookkeeping tasks.

Accountor CPA knows how to break down costs and keep your books accurate and easy to understand. Here are some cost categories that are common with nonprofit organizations.

Cost Category




Office management expenses

Office supplies, software licensing, legal services


Expenses related to nonprofit’s mission and goals

Fundraising costs, such as banquets, silent auctions, galas 


Departmental costs within the organization

Marketing and advertising, hiring and recruiting, IT services


Expenses related to operations

Utility bills, lease payments, staff salaries


Costs that do not change from month-to-month

Insurance, rent, staff salaries


Expenses that change each month

Can crossover with operational costs for utilities, petty cash purchases, banking fees

Accountor CPA offers flexible accounting services for nonprofit organizations. This way, we can successfully meet diverse needs and budgets. Financial transparency is critical for accounting in nonprofit organizations. Your not-for-profit needs to account for every penny. It's critical you show clear goals for receiving, using and paying out funds.

Our not-for-profit accounting services benefit numerous industries, regardless of the organizational purpose. Some nonprofit and not-for-profit companies we assist operate in these areas:

  • Animal welfare
  • Arts and culture
  • Children’s services
  • Educational organizations
  • Government branches
  • Health and wellness companies
  • Human rights
  • Private foundations
  • Religious groups or entities
  • Scientific and economic development
  • Sports clubs

We are happy to discuss any questions about our bookkeeping services for nonprofit organizations. Our certified nonprofit accountant has training and experience managing accounting for nonprofit-making organizations.

So, whether you have to file an annual fundraising report or need help allocating expense costs, our CPA for nonprofits is your best solution.


Although a nonprofit does not generate excessive financial gains, it still needs proper bookkeeping methods. The methods for accounting for a nonprofit organization are critical. An organization must reveal every expense to create clear financial reporting for board members and the public.

Using an expert bookkeeper or CPA for nonprofit businesses from Accountor CPA will ensure your books are accurate. You can avoid penalties or stress when you leave your nonprofit bookkeeping and accounting tasks to us.

You can find similarities between accounting for nonprofit organizations and not-for-profit businesses. Yet, the financial goals of each will differ, making accurate bookkeeping tasks vital.

A nonprofit business focuses on generating as much revenue as possible to benefit its cause directly. Not-for-profit organizations do not fixate on making money. Instead, they return any excess funds to the business. Even though their goals vary, both types need accurate bookkeeping methods. They should align with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).

Yes! Accountor CPA recognizes the unique financial needs of not-for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Only some establishments use a full-time accountant, so we offer flexible choices. If you are searching for local bookkeeping for small nonprofit businesses, our specialists can help.

We have the knowledge and experience to provide industry-standard accounting for nonprofits. Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation discovery meeting. Then, we will happily discuss your organization’s bookkeeping needs. Next, we work to find the most cost-effective nonprofit bookkeeping and accounting services for you.

The Benefits of Accounting for Nonprofit Organization Tasks From Accountor CPA in Canada

If you search Google for a nonprofit tax accountant near me in Canada, Accountor CPA is the best answer. We specialize in accounting for nonprofit organizations across Canada. Our expert team provides the NPO accounting services your entity needs to remain compliant.

Contact Accountor CPA today for your free, no-obligation discovery call. Learn how our not-for-profit accounting services can help your organization.

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