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Small business owners have no shortage of challenges when it comes to payroll administration. Between employee turnover, constantly changing government legislation, administering benefits, managing time off requests, and meeting every payday deadline, there is a lot on your plate.

Online payroll services for small business seek to solve each of these challenges in a way that suits you, your employees, and your business. Stop worrying about remitting taxes incorrectly, paying employees late, or forgetting a deduction every two weeks. Accountor CPA can handle this - and more - to help you grow your business.

Whether you are a small business, SME, or large corporation, you face similar challenges with payroll services. We offer the best payroll services for small business to save you time, money, and stress.

Payroll has never been easier. Let’s start with a free consultation.

How Do Payroll Services for Small Business Work?

Online payroll services are the future of payroll administration. Many Canadian businesses are shifting to online payroll administration to free up their time and save money on overhead costs.

As a small business owner, you are responsible for:

  1. Paying employee wages
  2. Government deductions and remittances
  3. Benefit deductions
  4. Expense reimbursement
  5. Vacation and absence management
  6. Retirement contributions
  7. Employee perks
  8. Year-end tax forms

With online payroll services, your virtual payroll expert handles these tasks on your behalf with the industry’s leading cloud payroll software. You have access to, and manage employee access to, this software to ensure you are always in the loop when it comes to your payroll administration. All your payroll data is housed safely and securely on the cloud so you can access it from any device you choose at any time.

Online payroll services provide you with the flexibility and support you need from your payroll staff at all times, without needing to spend the time handling these tasks yourself.

Our Online Payroll Services for Small Business

We understand that payroll services are more than just running payroll on your behalf monthly. We offer scalable and fully customizable payroll services for small business to ensure you can provide your employees with benefits, options, contributions, and any other perks you choose.

Your employees are your greatest asset. Our online payroll services for small business help you provide them with consistent and accurate paycheques that show they are appreciated.

The online payroll services for small business at Accountor CPA include:

  1. Accurate and punctual payroll run at scheduled times (weekly, biweekly, or monthly)
  2. Government deductions and remittances as per CRA guidelines
  3. Providing physical cheques to employees as needed
  4. Managing direct deposit
  5. Benefits contributions and payments
  6. Employee perks and other deductions
  7. Setting up new employees
  8. Handling exiting employees’ final pay and closing their accounts
  9. Set up and management of a payment platform
  10. Absence management
  11. Retirement contributions and plans
  12. Tax forms (T4, T4A)
  13. Ensuring tax compliance
  14. Expense management
  15. Background checks
  16. Recruiting and HR management
  17. Managing employee access to the payroll system
  18. Liasing with the CRA in the event of an audit
  19. Time tracking integration
  20. Communicating with your employees and clarifying any questions they may have

We also offer online payroll services internationally to companies abroad with employees in Canada. We can help you meet Canadian tax legislation guidelines and provide benefits that Canadian employees expect from their employers.

If you are looking to offer your employees more than just a salary, our payroll services can help you provide more.

Small Business Payroll Services Cost

The cost of small business payroll services depends on a number of factors. Primarily, the number of employees, number of pay periods, and level of service required dictate the fees for small business payroll.

To hire an in-house payroll manager or payroll assistant, you will be responsible for their salary, administering their benefits, training, and other overhead costs and fees associated with onboarding a new employee. On top of this, vacation days and other time off contributes to a higher cost on the part of the business owner. Using a payroll services company gives you access to a team dedicated to payroll at a fraction of the cost compared to the hiring rates of an in-house employee.

Additionally, our flexible payroll services ensure your SME or corporation get the comprehensive solutions you need, without paying for extra services that you do not use.

Why Should You Get Payroll Services for Small Business?

Payroll takes hours out of your valuable time as a small business owner each month. This is time you could be better spending on your sales, business operations, and management. But hiring an internal payroll assistant or payroll manager can be too high a cost for many small operations.

Online payroll services are the solution you need to ensure your payroll is being administered correctly and on time, without overspending on internal hiring. This way, you can focus on what matters most - your business.

Get all the benefits of Accountor CPA’s professional payroll services

  1. Get on time and accurate payroll for your employees at the intervals you need
  2. Pay your employees your way - direct deposit or cheques
  3. Make year-end simple by issuing T4s and T4As to all employees
  4. Mitigate the risk of missing documents or deadlines with the CRA
  5. Get total tax compliancy in your government remittances, even as legislation changes
  6. Always have access to financial data and reporting so you know the effects of giving
  7. raises, hiring new staff, and opportunities to expand
  8. Fully manage absences in a system that is easy for employers and employees to use
  9. Update and manage employee access
  10. Expert recommendations for employee and payroll management
  11. Save time by running payroll in just a few clicks - that’s it!
  12. Get experienced payroll experts to answer your questions on your schedule

Let’s get started with a free consultation and custom quote for your company. Contact us today!

SME and Small Company Payroll Services to Simplify Your Business

As your business grows, so too should your payroll services. A small business with fewer than twenty employees and basic payroll can quickly turn into an SME that needs to offer more competitive perks and benefits to attract new employees.

Creating benefits plans, retirement contributions, employee perks, expense management, and other additional payroll offerings can seem difficult and intimidating. Small company and SME payroll services seek to make it as simple as possible!

As your company grows into an SME and beyond, our online payroll services grow with you. Our scalable payroll solutions allow you to build your payroll offerings to your employees smoothly with accuracy and punctuality.

Don’t fall behind the competition by being unable to offer competitive payroll services to your employees. Attract, recruit, and onboard new employees to grow your small business into an SME or large corporation with Accountor CPA’s online payroll services.

Get the Best Payroll Services for Small Business with Accountor CPA

Accountor CPA offers online payroll services for small business, SME, large corporations, and all companies in between. Even if you have as little as one employee, you can still benefit from simplifying your payroll administration.

Get the value you need with the team of payroll experts and CPAs you can trust at Accountor CPA. Our online payroll services grow as your business grows, so you never miss a beat.

Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how we can help you manage and expand your payroll, without any added stress to you as a business owner.

Get back to what you love - running your business. Leave the payroll to us.

Save your time, money, and hard work ...

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