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Online Payroll Services Canada

It’s time to simplify payroll.

Running payroll for your business comes with a number of challenges and requirements. You must ensure full tax compliancy, follow employment regulations, manage time off requests, calculate deductions and remittances in line with current legislation, and administer benefits plans - maybe even more.

Online payroll services are a comprehensive solution to meeting all your obligations. Cloud-based solutions and programs allow you to simplify payroll administration and processing and provide greater consistency for your employees.

Accountor CPA works with a number of integrated payroll services and programs to provide web based solutions to companies across Canada. Bring together all relevant payroll data to one cloud-based software to run payroll and integrate with your accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, and more.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, online payroll services can save you time, money, and stress. Let’s get started with a free consultation from our payroll advisors and specialist team.

How Can Online Payroll Services Help Your Business?

For a business of any size, time and resources must not be wasted. Payroll processing can take hours or days to complete when using outdated software or performing manual calculations. With web-based payroll services, you can dedicate more time to growing your business and less time worrying about administering paycheques and opening yourself to compliancy issues.

If your business does not yet use online payroll services, you are missing out on automation, scalability, and seamless integrations. With scalable and automated payroll services online, you get:

  • Fully customized solutions to meet your company’s needs
  • Set up in electronic payroll services software that suits your company
  • Easily accessible tax forms, pay stubs, ROEs, and employment history for employees
  • Access to multiple online solutions
  • Seamless integration with bookkeeping and accounting software for accurate record-keeping
  • Organized cloud storage of your payroll data to be easily accessed at any time
  • Options for automated payroll services to calculate wage, deductions, tax remittances, vacation, benefits, and more
  • Personalized support and consultation for regular payroll filing
  • Aid in maintaining employee records and tax records on an ongoing basis
  • Assistance for year-end tax filing and issuing tax forms
  • Regular reporting and analysis to understand your employee management and make smart hiring or downsizing decisions

Tax compliance and adhering to government regulations is also important to a start up or small business, as one mistake in remittances or tax filing for your employees can lead to hefty penalties and damage to your reputation. Online payroll services minimize this risk and help you meet compliance regulations for your employees.

Online payroll solutions also allow for ongoing updates to scale your payroll support based on the needs of your growing or changing business. If you grow or downsize quickly, cloud based payroll services can easily be customized to suit this.

Integrated Online Payroll Services Software

Cloud based payroll software allows you as a business owner and your employees to access information they need from any device at any time. The industry’s best online payroll services are used by accountants across Canada and are dedicated to maintaining calculations and remittances based on the latest legislation.

Security and confidentiality is also essential for a web based payroll service provider. Even with wide access for those you select, your sensitive data is kept safe by multiple security controls within the software.

Accountor CPA can help you choose which software is right for you and assist with customizing it for your business’ needs. Whatever online payroll software your business uses, Accountor CPA can provide payroll assistance. We have experience across platforms and can customize your payroll dashboard to meet your employees’ needs and remain tax compliant. We can also assist with customizing the software for the right calculations, benefits deductions, expense reimbursements, employee perks, retirement contributions, and any other scalable deductions you may need to make.

Some of the online payroll software we can provide assistance with are:

  • VIP
  • Freshbooks
  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Wagepoint
  • Paylocity

Our experts can create payroll software comparisons to help you find the features that best suit your business operations and employees.

Benefits of Web Payroll Services

Could your business benefit from web payroll services and software?

With a cloud based payroll system, there’s no need for a ledger or weekly phone calls to update your payroll employee or team of hours and changes. Accountor CPA’s payroll services are fully online and done completely virtually. Time sheets can be uploaded 24/7 and data is updated in real time. Automate payroll services with calculations based on provincial and federal legislation. Have a full record of all payment history and records for an organized year-end or audit.

Get all the benefits of Accountor CPA’s professional online payroll services for accountants, small businesses, self-employed individuals, and large corporations.

  • Run on time and accurate payroll for your employees at the intervals you choose
  • Send paycheques to employees via direct deposit or preparing physical cheques to be printed
  • Mitigate the risk of non-compliance or missing important deadlines with the CRA
  • Receive regular reporting so you know the effects of giving raises, hiring new staff, and opportunities to expand
  • Manage absences and benefits programs in a system that is easy for employers and employees to use
  • Automate withholding, contributions and compliance for:
    • Federal and provincial/territorial income tax
    • Employment Insurance/Québec Parental Insurance Plan
    • Canada Pension Plan/Québec Pension Plan
    • Year-end T4/T4As and reporting
  • Update and manage employee access on an ongoing basis
  • Get experienced payroll experts to answer your questions and provide recommendations for employee and payroll management, all remotely
  • Receive assistance with liaising with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as needed
  • Ensure your business is fully tax compliant year-round and stay up-to-date on the latest Canadian tax laws and payroll requirements with automatic software updates

Take advantage of all the benefits cloud-based payroll services have to offer.

Online Managed Payroll Services from Accountor CPA

Whether your business has five or five hundred employees, online payroll services can make your payroll processing and compliance easy. At Accountor CPA, our team of dedicated virtual payroll specialists offer full payroll processing services to take the burden fully from you, or part time payroll support services, to provide you with supplementary help.

Whatever your business needs, our scalable online payroll services can help.

Get the peace of mind that your payroll administration is compliant, secure, accessible, and accurate at all times with the best online payroll services.

Let’s get started with a free virtual consultation and learn how Accountor CPA can change the way you do payroll.