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Accounting Tax Services for Squarespace in Canada

Accountor CPA offers professional services for Squarespace users and shops in Canada and the United States to change the way you do business. With our tax accounting and bookkeeping services specifically customized for Squarespace e-commerce sites, you can expand your market, generate more revenue, and grow your business year on year.

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  • A2X, QBO & XERO experts
  • SAGE & FreshBooks gurus
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  • Evaluation of goals & issues
  • Situation analysis
  • Custom solutions for business
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  • Customer centered connection
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Our Vision & Mission for Squarespace Services Clients

Our mission and vision statement for Squarespace services is to provide expert financial advice and professional, certified services to every client to help them achieve their largest business goals. Through this, we are confident we will be your choice for bookkeeping, accounting and tax services for Squarespace e-commerce for years to come.

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The list of providing services

Full Service Accounting

Cover all your bases with financial statements, cash flow analysis, record-keeping, and financial planning. Whatever Squarespace virtual accounting services you need, Accountor CPA can help.

Tax Prep and Planning

Selling on Squarespace domestically and internationally comes with the responsibility of filing taxes, but there’s more to it than just filling out paperwork. Accountor CPA provides tax preparation and tax planning services so you can make effective business decisions and predictions for your company’s growth.

Financial Statements

How can you make confident business decisions without regular financial statements and analysis? We offer financial statement preparation, including Cash Flow Statements and Balance Sheets, for Squarespace sellers in Canada so you can grow your business effectively.

Registering and Filing Sales Tax

You need to register for tax accounts and file sales tax in the jurisdictions in which you sell. Accountor CPA helps you navigate the legislation of Canadian tax law so you can stay compliant.

Software Integration and Management

We work with the industry’s best accounting and bookkeeping programs, including QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage50, to ensure all your business needs are met. With seamless syncing and integration, you do not have to worry about data entry errors or missed documents.


Managing invoices, sales, expenses, and other financial documents for a Squarespace enterprise can be complex and overwhelming. We provide personalized Squarespace bookkeeping services to keep you organized.

What Our Clients Say

I wanted to expand my American Amazon reselling business to Canada and had no idea where to start. Accountor CPA helped me register for tax numbers, file taxes, and make decisions about how to grow in the Canadian market.

Zoe / FBA Company Owner

Since signing on with Accountor CPA three years ago, we have nearly doubled our business growth year on year. With their expert advice and practical help with accounting and tax filing for our Amazon business, we have been able to grow way faster than we imagined.

Eric / Amazon Store Owner

I thought I had a good set up for my A2X and related software, but the accountants at Accountor CPA advised me to make some changes and upgrades to see if I could improve my business growth. They were right! My day to day is way smoother now and I’ve found opportunities I would have otherwise missed.

Serg / E-commerce Business

Running my Amazon reseller business has a lot of moving parts and I rely on Accountor CPA to help me stay organized. I work with them for my tax filing, bookkeeping, and accounting, and could not be happier.

Alma / Amazon Reseller Business

Whatever the size of your business, Accountor CPA provides the most cost-effective way to add highly experienced professionals to your management team.

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Get Help Registering For Tax Accounts in Canada

Squarespace has proven to be an excellent medium for small businesses and corporations alike to build e-commerce sales and grow their customer base. Is your business capitalizing on all the valuable financial data Squarespace has to offer?

The team of professional CPAs at Accountor CPA are dedicated to helping you grow your Squarespace enterprise through effective accounting and bookkeeping. Whether you are looking for sales tax assistance, need Squarespace accounting integration, or regular bookkeeping, we can help.

Our flexible Squarespace bookkeeping and tax accounting services keep you in the know when it comes to your business. Contact us for a free consultation and learn how you can take control of your financial future with Squarespace accounting.

Accountor CPA’s Squarespace Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Don’t let your competition get the upper hand. Accountor CPA’s Squarespace accounting solutions help you rise above the rest and grow your market, both domestically and internationally. We help you every step along the way.

Just some of our scalable accounting services for Squarespace include:

  • Accounting software integration and recommendations
  • Sales and expense tracking
  • Automatic syncing across software
  • Tax number registration for all provinces and jurisdictions
  • Tax document collection and preparation
  • Tax filing according to Canadian regulations
  • Complete tax compliance
  • Tax preparation
  • Payment processing for tax refunds or tax payable
  • Regular bookkeeping and record collection
  • Accounting support
  • Account reconciliation
  • Financial statement creation and analysis
  • Audit support
  • Liaising with the CRA on your behalf when required
  • A dedicated team to provide support and answer your Canadian tax questions
  • Professional advice and recommendations year-round
  • Canadian tax planning
  • And more

Having the best tools and software available is the best way to succeed at Squarespace bookkeeping and accounting. We are here to help you grow.

Squarespace Accounting Integration

To manage your Squarespace accounting and bookkeeping, it is best to work with a professional accountant and use reputable accounting software.

When it comes to accessing your Squarespace e-commerce data, like customer information, sales data, refunds, payment processing, and inventory, you have two options. First, you can export the raw data and input it into Excel or your own accounting software. This is a simple solution and often viable for small businesses who have only a couple hundred dollars in sales per month or less. You can perform basic analysis on the numbers this way and do not require a significant amount of time.

The other option, which is suitable for more businesses, and much more suited to business growth, is using accounting software to automatically sync and integrate with your Squarespace data. This is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • It takes less time on your part
  • Financial data and analysis is more thorough
  • The risk of data entry errors or missed documents is lessened
  • Data is more centralized
  • Transaction details for sales, expenses, and refunds is clear
  • Payment details are readily available
  • Tax documents can be prepared in just a few clicks

There are many options for integrating your Squarespace website with accounting and bookkeeping software. Third party software is available through Squarespace extensions that allow you to easily sync and compile your Squarespace data with your accounting software of choice.

At Accountor CPA, we can help you find suitable third party software to attach to your Squarespace site to automatically integrate with your choice of accounting software.

Squarespace and QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the accounting industry’s leading software. It is popular among Canadian business owners and CPAs alike due to its ease-of-use, robust configurations and settings, and customization options.

When you use a Squarespace QuickBooks integration, you have the opportunity to harness your transaction and client data in a new way. You can gain significant insight into your client habits, transaction trends, and tax owing at any given time.

If you are looking for accounting software for your Squarespace online firm, we can look at the features of QuickBooks and see if they are suitable for your unique business. If you are a small business, SME, or large corporation, QuickBooks has a solution for you.

Squarespace Integration with QuickBooks

Many business owners and entrepreneurs choose QuickBooks as their preferred accounting software for their Squarespace site, but do not use a Squarespace extension to sync them automatically. This means they export the sales data and input it manually into QuickBooks. This can lead to significant problems with data entry errors, missing documents, or being unable to properly reconcile accounts.

If you already use QuickBooks for your Squarespace bookkeeping and accounting, we can help you maximize your efficiency by improving workflows and using third party software to eliminate slow downs and errors. We can also ensure you are using the best Squarespace integration app so you get all the data in QuickBooks that you need without any manual data entry.

The biggest benefit of Squarespace integration with QuickBooks is that it is fully automatic. You have more time to do what you love - growing your online business.

How to Connect Squarespace to QuickBooks

Connecting Squarespace to QuickBooks is a simple process for most agencies. At Accountor CPA, we typically recommend the Squarespace Connector by Intuit.

To link Squarespace to QuickBooks with this app, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Squarespace Connector by Intuit app to your Squarespace site.
  2. Set up your Account Timezone depending on the timezone you operate in.
  3. Choose your consolidation starting date.
  4. Choose your email notification sync frequency.
  5. Choose your Squarespace workflow, depending on the type of information you want synced.
  6. Set the configuration for your integration and the information you want shown, including invoices, order status, receipts, and more.
  7. Set up advanced options for retrieving orders, including discount presets, shipping, invoice numbering, and client organization.
  8. Match Squarespace products by SKU in QuickBooks.
  9. Set up tax configuration.
  10. Select payment settings
  11. Set up stock level update settings.
  12. Sync!

While straightforward, it can be difficult to configure all the settings to your exact specifications when starting out. The tax accountants at Accountor CPA can handle all the initial set up, adjustments, and maintenance for a QuickBooks Squarespace integration so you can be sure that everything is syncing perfectly.

Squarespace and Xero

Xero accounting software is another industry leader due to its customization and ability to show important data at a glance. It is a cloud-based accounting platform that tuns complicated accounting into easy-to-understand analysis and conclusions.

With Xero, you can easily keep track of all your revenue, expenses, and tax liabilities directly from Squarespace, making it a great option for small businesses and SMEs who do not have the time to enter data manually. If you operate in different provinces or countries, Xero can help save you from headaches and timesinks when you prepare for tax time as well.

Setting up Squarespace Xero integration and combination can be done independently, but it is always recommended to work with a professional and certified accountant. If you are using Xero for your accounting but do not yet have an integration set up, Accountor CPA can help.

Squarespace Xero Integration

To integrate Squarespace with Xero, you need to use a third party software. There are many of these available, some with more robust features than others. Many of these third party programs use an API, giving you complete security over your financial information and allowing you to easily sync data between Xero and Squarespace.

However, choosing the best third party software to suit your Squarespace enterprise needs can be difficult when there are so many options available. At Accountor CPA, we can help you choose the best third party software for your business or corporation. We can handle setting up the application as well and ensure there is a seamless consolidation between systems.

Get Help Registering and Setting up Tax Accounts and Accounting Software

Sales tax in Canada is charged on almost all products and services, except products deemed “necessities” by the government. If a product is purchased from your Squarespace e-commerce site, you should be charging the appropriate sales tax and then remitting it to the government by the required deadline. Depending on which province the individual is in, you may have to track and charge GST, HST, and/or PST, and then file taxes in multiple jurisdictions at the end of your tax period.

As an e-commerce business, you may have to register for multiple tax numbers and other various government accounts. These obligations and responsibilities can be hard to keep track of. This is why it is imperative that your Squarespace enterprise has effective bookkeeping, accounting, and tax software.

Canadian tax accounting facts that affect Squarespace sellers:

  • If you are charging HST, GST, and PST, you will have to file multiple returns.
  • If your sales are less than 1.5 million CAD, you are usually required to file once per year (although there are exceptions).
  • If your sales are over 1.5 million CAD, you are required to file more often.
  • If you mix a tax due date or make an error, you can be charged interest and late fee penalties.
  • There are four tax pay periods that may affect you: monthly, quarterly, annually for December 31st year-end, and annually for a custom year end.
  • If you sell internationally, the rules of the country products are being sold in apply to you as well.

Managing your sales tax on Squarespace is easier when you work with Squarespace accounting integration software and a professional accountant. Accountor CPA is here to help you manage these responsibilities and grow your business.

Accountor CPA is Your Squarespace Accounting Partner

If you operate a Squarespace e-commerce site, you need effective accounting and bookkeeping solutions. Accountor CPA offers scalable and customizable bookkeeping and accounting solutions for Squarespace to ensure you make the most out of your online shop and grow your business efficiently.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, small business, SME, or a corporation, we can help you set up and manage your Squarespace accounting and bookkeeping software. Be prepared at tax time, even if you have to file sales taxes in multiple countries and provinces.

Contact us today for a free consultation for your Squarespace store. Let us help you grow your business with financial freedom.

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