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The financial landscape for corporations in Canada is constantly changing. Best practices, legislation, regulations, and certifications are continually updated and adjusted. If your business cannot keep up, it can face steep financial consequences.

Accounting advisory services bridge the gap between these wider financial compliance shifts and your firm. Advisory services include more than just accounting advice - they encompass value-added services to help your business stay ahead of changes, make effective long-term business decisions, and receive objective judgments on specific issues.

Accountor CPA offers dedicated, flexible accounting advisory services to professional firms across Canada. Whatever your challenges, we can help you navigate and achieve your financial goals.

Let’s start with a free virtual consultation to discuss how accounting advice and advisory services can help your business.

Could Your Firm Benefit From Accounting Advisory Services?

Any business looking to expand and grow in Canada can benefit from accounting advisory services. For example, a start-up or small business just starting to experience growth can take advantage of the insight and analysis provided by accounting advice. At the same time, an established multinational corporation can benefit from objective extrapolation and analysis.

Could you benefit from accounting advice?

  • Do you find yourself or a board of executives overwhelmed by financial data?
  • Do you need more clarification about accounting decision-making and what steps to take next?
  • Are you debating various options for how to best expand your business operations?
  • Have you been caught off guard by a new market trend or updated government legislation?
  • Are you relying on one or two internal accounting staff to handle all your financial compliance?
  • Do you often find yourself asking, “What next?”

If you struggle with any of these concerns at any point in your business activities, accounting advisory services can help you overcome these challenges.

Accounting Decision-Making for Businesses

It is impossible to make sound business decisions at any stage of your growth without accurate and thorough accounting. From something as simple as whether or not you can afford new equipment, to something as complex as expanding business operations to a foreign country, you need to make a ruling based on financial data.

Accounting for business decision-making requires looking at many facets, from internal expense data to government legislation and market trends. Examining this current accounting information can help skilled accounting advisory professionals make judgments about future business opportunities, potential untapped markets, and ventures that may not prove to be successful.

Financial accounting and managerial accounting means and resources are both key to effective business decision-making for your firm.

Financial Accounting Tools for Business Decision-Making

Financial accounting refers to collecting accounting data for things like financial statements, reports, and tax preparation. It focuses on the entire business in a specified period of time (usually yearly) and is mainly concerned with the profit generated and the financial situation of a company.

This objective, raw financial data, is for financial statements and is the basis for accounting decision-making.

Even if your firm engages in internal financial accounting, you can continually improve redundancies, blindspots, or process gaps. In addition, working with an accounting advisory firm for financial accounting can help you view your financial statements in a whole new light.

Management Accounting and Business Decision-Making

Management accounting advisory is the bulk of consultative accounting information. Managerial accounting focuses on internal processes and business transactions to find specific areas for improvement and growth within the company. It looks to future goals and the best way the company can achieve these.

Managerial accounting and its related tools are often an area where corporations require accounting advisory services. Looking at and drawing conclusions from existing data can feel organic, but it is much more difficult to predict future trends and extrapolate data.

Managerial accounting advisory services work to provide objective insight into your business, industry, and targets to find innovative avenues for growing your business.

Accounting Advice Canada & Services with Accountor CPA

Accountor CPA is dedicated to helping you grow your business and achieve your goals, and do so smoothly and organically. We remove the stress that comes with analyzing accounting data and trying to extrapolate information. We take care of that so you can focus on your staff, operations, and clients.

The accounting advice and advisory services we offer include:

  • Cash flow forecasting;
  • Revenue projections;
  • Budgets vs actuals reviews;
  • Accounting software upgrades and implementation;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Implementing accounting and reporting standards;
  • Preparing financial statements;
  • Employee training for financial standards and regulatory requirements;
  • Compliance consulting;
  • Financial statement presentation preparation.

Are you looking for another accounting advisory service? Our experienced accountants are equipped to provide consultation and advice regarding all things financial. In addition, if you are in a unique situation and require objective, professional advisory services, Accountor CPA can help.

Contact us for a free confidential consultation.

Using Accounting Information For Business Decisions

The accounting information provided by accounting advisors in their counselling and consultative roles with your company provides your business with more than just data and compliance.

Leadership can use this accounting information for business decisions at every enterprise level. For example, you can gain valuable information about which directions would be most profitable for your business, when the right time to make certain investments is, gaps in the market, niche areas to expand to, and where to minimize internal redundancies.

Your accounting advisor provides more than just the numbers - they provide concrete suggestions and direction for your leadership to improve the business and grow. Your accounting advisory panel's conclusions can show you a path you may have yet to think to take. What opportunities could your business be missing right now?

Benefits of Accounting Advisory For Decision-Making

Working with accounting advisors with deep experience in evolving accounting standards, tax legislation, and other financial complexities brings your company several benefits that can propel its growth.

Just some of the benefits Accountor CPA is proud to bring its accounting advisory clients:

  • Alleviate strain on internal resources, so management can focus on business operations;
  • Understand your organization’s financial data thoroughly;
  • Have access to a qualified, experienced team of accountants and advisors as your business needs;
  • Be the first to know about changes in legislation and compliance that affect your enterprise;
  • Be prepared for audits at every level;
  • Have IPO readiness as your corporation grows;
  • Gain access to other accounting services, including bookkeeping, tax preparation and filing, corporate accounting services, and more;
  • Receive professional financial reporting, financial statement preparation, and managerial accounting reports as needed by your business;
  • Be market ready to take advantage of business opportunities confidently;
  • Access to confidential, secure, objective, and personalized accounting advisory services;
  • Gain unparalleled confidence in your firm’s financial and directorial accounting data to make business choices;

Ready to take control of your firm’s finances and compliance? We can help.

Work With Qualified Accounting Advisors For Better Decision-Making

At Accountor CPA, we understand the challenges facing small businesses, SMEs, and national corporations in Canada when it comes to financial reporting and compliance. Our dedicated team of accounting and tax experts provides you with accounting information that drives effective decision-making at every level of your enterprise.

We are dedicated to your growth and success each step of the way. Get accounting advice that actually helps propel your business forward.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation about our accounting advisory services and learn what sets us apart from other advisory firms.

Save your time, money, and hard work ...

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