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Almost all corporations in Canada are required to filing a T2 corporate income tax return each year. Corporate income tax returns differ significantly from other types of tax filings, requiring more documentation, forms, and know-how.

As a small business ourselves, the experienced team of tax accountants at Accountor CPA understands the intricacies and complexities associated with a Canada corporate tax return. We are dedicated to providing complete corporate tax filing services, from preparation, to documentation, to filing.

Trust your CRA corporate tax return to Accountor CPA and free your time to focus on what you do best - growing your business. Leave the corporate income tax return to us.

Corporate Income Tax Return Filing Services

Our passion is your business. We ensure that your T2 corporate income tax return is filed accurately, meets all deadlines, and helps you retain the most of your income through tax deductions and credits.

Keep more of your business’ hard-earned revenue with corporate income tax filing from Accountor CPA.

The corporate tax filing services we offer include:

  • Preparation and filing of corporate income tax returns (T2)
  • Tax compliance with all federal and provincial regulations
  • US tax compliance
  • Tax services for non-resident shareholders
  • Tax services for Foreign Corporations in Canada
  • Preparing of employee returns (T4s, T4As, and T5s)
  • Backfiling
  • Tax disclosure and tax appeals
  • Liaise with the CRA
  • Income tax planning and tax strategy
  • Tax services for reorganizations and amalgamations
  • HST and sales tax filings
  • Compensation planning
  • Tax advisory services
  • Remote services for online corporate tax prep

Whatever your company needs, Accountor CPA has a solution for you. Get in touch to learn more about our custom corporate tax filing.

How to File a Corporate Tax Return in Canada

Learning how to file a corporate tax return Canada comes with a steep learning curve. There are multiple documents needed to prepare for filing, additional schedules, financial statements, the T2 itself, GST / HST returns, and more. And those are just to file - not to mention the work that goes into filing and any required activities afterwards.

When you file a corporate tax return on your own, you cannot guarantee you are filing all the required documents, nor that the documents include all the required information. For a T2 corporate income tax return, it is always advised to work with a qualified tax accountant. They will handle how to prepare corporate tax return Canada as well as filing and any liaising with the CRA that may come after.

The only additional document to fill out when you work with a tax accountant is the T183 CORP to give them authorization to file on your behalf, and take care of the prep and filing. From there, your accountant handles where to send corporate tax return Canada - that’s it!

After your accountant files your corporate income tax return, you will receive a Notice of Assessment from the CRA detailing if further actions are required, the amount you must owe, or the amount you are entitled to in a refund. Your tax accountant will help you navigate receiving a refund or paying tax owed by the deadline.

Benefits of Working With Tax Accountants for Your Corporate Tax Return

There are a number of advantages to working with a qualified tax accountant to file your corporate income tax return.

Simple Preparation

No need to scramble to understand all the documents and information you need to file. Your accountant will tell you exactly what they need and where to find it.

Save Time

Corporate tax returns take days, if not longer, of your time to file. With a tax accountant, you can better spend this valuable time running your business.

Save on Costs

Outsourcing your corporate income tax return at tax time saves on costs of hiring an internal accountant. Plus, it comes with much lower costs than paying interest or penalties on erroneous returns.

Ensure Accuracy

Mistakes on a corporate tax return can be costly. A tax accountant will ensure there are no errors and that your corporate tax return is completely accurate.

Meet All Deadlines

Corporate tax return due dates come up fast, especially when you are busy with your regular responsibilities. Stop worrying about deadlines and let a tax accountant manage these.

Audit Support

CRA audits happen. With a tax accountant, you do not have to worry about liaising with the CRA or handling assessments or audits. We take care of this time-consuming occurrence for you and remove the stress.

Capitalize on Credits

There are hundreds of provincial and federal tax credits available to corporations to help you save more of your hard-earned income. A tax accountant keeps up to date on these to ensure you take advantage of all that you qualify for.

Planning and Strategy Development

Canada corporate tax filing is more than just a once-a-year activity. We work with you year-round to create tax planning strategies to minimize your tax burden at the end of the tax year.

Benefit from Experience

With the combined decades of experience with corporate tax return filing, our team knows the ins and outs of maximizing your profit and minimizing your tax obligations. Take advantage of our experience to grow your company.

Meet the Canada Corporate Tax Return Due Dates

What is the Canada corporate tax filing deadline? You must file your corporate tax return no more than six months after the end of your corporation’s tax year. This depends on your corporation’s fiscal year. Your tax year ends when your corporation’s fiscal year ends, so this varies from enterprise to enterprise.

When you work with the team at Accountor CPA, you can be confident that your corporate income tax return is being filed to meet the deadlines. Take the stress out of your tax preparation and filing when you trust the professionals.

Corporate Tax Return Cost Canada

Corporate income tax return costs vary depending on the corporation’s earnings, structure, investments, and other variables. A typical corporate income tax preparation fee will start at a few hundred dollars, while a complex multinational corporation rate can go well into the thousands.

A qualified and experienced corporate tax accountant ensures that all deadlines are met and regulations are followed to avoid penalties and interest, which are usually significantly higher than the cost of working with a corporate tax services office.

Get peace of mind knowing your corporate tax return is being handled by our experienced corporate tax accountants.

The Latest Corporate Tax Filing Software Canada

While it is still possible to file a paper corporate tax return, this method can lead to inconsistencies, errors, and missed data or documents. It is always recommended to prepare and file your T2 corporate tax return online using the latest virtual corporate tax filing software. Mailing a corporate tax return can lead to missed deadlines and confused timelines.

There are a number of software programs available to file corporate taxes. Some corporate tax filing software uses your existing accounting and bookkeeping data to populate your T2 and other relevant tax documents. Even tax software that requires manual input will do automatic calculations and inform you if you are missing information, documents, or some numbers just don’t add up.

Most Canadian corporations are eligible to file their T2 using Corporation Internet Filing. If your company has gross revenues exceeding $1 million, it can not file a paper tax return - it must be done online. We can help you determine the best T2 corporate tax filing software for your business, as well as make recommendations for other accounting and bookkeeping applications that can be integrated to save you time during tax season.

Even when corporate tax filing software is fully automated for input and filing, it is important to work with a professional tax accountant to ensure the correct documents are being filed and there are no errors in your corporate tax return or timeline. Our team of professional tax accountants meticulously analyze all corporate tax filings at every turn to ensure they are accurate and filed on time.

Work With The Tax Experts For Your CRA Corporate Tax Return

Corporations rarely have simple income tax returns. Without professional corporate income tax return preparation and filing, you open your business up to the consequences of missed deadlines, hefty fines, and interest payments.

The team of tax experts and Chartered Professional Accountants at Accountor CPA are dedicated to providing the CRA with accurate and transparent corporate tax returns for your company. We work with you throughout the year, not just during tax season, to fully leverage our expertise to benefit your business and help you grow.

Feel confident that you are working with professionals that are passionate about your business. Contact Accountor CPA for a free consultation to learn how we can help with your corporate income tax return today.

Save your time, money, and hard work ...

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