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    Why do dentists need specialized accounting and bookkeeping services?
    Dental offices have unique financial needs, including handling health insurance claims and specialized billing for clients. Expert dental CPA accountants can ensure the office follows local and federal taxation requirements and remain compliant in their industry.
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How to Make Accounting for Dentists Simple with Services From Professional Dental Accountants

When you own a thriving dental firm or a small clinic, typically, day-to-day operations are the main focus of your energy. Administrative tasks like accounting & payroll for dentists can be overwhelming and tedious. Your specialty is oral health, and ours is dental office bookkeeping.

Therefore, look outside your firm for certified bookkeeping services for dentists. Using the best dental accountants from Accountor CPA will help you save time, money, and stress. Our experts have the crucial skills and knowledge of the industry that your practice needs for dental accounting services. Then, you can focus on your clients instead of your books.

So, what makes our services unique? The dental industry requires an office to follow specific reporting and taxation methods. This job is best for one of our certified dental CPAs who understands your business needs and industry standards.

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Accounting help for dentists in Canada

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We help our customers understand their business data and make better decisions drive to success.


We help you reduce the risk of embezzlement by tracking cashflow and flag unusual activity.


We are here to provide you a simple and effective way to control of your working time and expenses.

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Dental Bookkeeping Services with Accountor CPA

Accountor CPA is your best choice for specialist dental accountants in your area. Our pros can tackle your dental office bookkeeping needs, including day-to-day invoicing, payroll, and more.

Dental firms and public health dental clinics of all sizes can benefit from using licensed accounting services. But not all services are the same. That’s why we offer customizable dental accounting to help you manage your financials so you can focus on your business.

Choosing one or more of these options from Accountor CPA for your dental clinic will ensure your company operates efficiently and you file government reports and insurance claims correctly and on time.

  • Payroll and Dividend Structures
  • Accurate Billing
  • Annual Tax Services
  • Handling Insurance Claims

Payroll and Dividend Structures

Your certified dental office requires a support staff of experts to maintain operations.

Whether you are a successful orthodontist or employ oral surgeons, proper compensation is critical for a viable business. Our years of experience with dental payroll can make this process simple and hassle-free.

Employees such as dental hygienists or dental assistants who receive timely and accurate compensation will remain loyal to your firm. Proper payroll procedures will keep your staff happy as your business grows. We will work with you to find the best possible approach to your staff remuneration so you can get back to handling your clients.

We are the best dental accountants who offer premium payroll and dividend structures in Canada. Managing payroll and investments is easier when using dental accounting firms like us.

Accurate Billing

Billing within a dental practice can be complex, so Accountor CPA helps make it simple.

Mistakes with client invoices can result in significant bookkeeping errors. Inaccurate supplier invoices can create delays in critical products necessary for daily operations. Errors can look unprofessional, which will affect future business operations. We are here to verify that your dental clinic avoids these situations.

Using Accountor CPA’s specialist dental accountants will ensure accurate and current bookkeeping. Then, you can make better business decisions for success and prevent unnecessary mistakes.

Annual Tax Services

A reputable third-party company completing your annual tax documents will minimize the stress of finalizing accurate business returns for punctual submission every business year. So, using a dental CPA firm like ours can keep your periodontal company operating efficiently to meet your tax deadlines and avoid late penalties.

You can help reduce the risk of costly mistakes and file your annual returns on time using our specialized tax preparation services. Accountor CPA is the professional dental bookkeeping services you need as a dental CPA firm. Our experts minimize potential bookkeeping errors to ensure accuracy and provide timely filing at every level.

Avoid late-filing penalties or additional fees when Accountor CPA handles your annual taxes.

Handling Insurance Claims

Health insurance claims are often part of the revenue with dental office bookkeeping. Proper reporting and reconciliation are vital for dental practitioners dealing with insurance companies. Thankfully, Accountor CPA understands the dynamics of insurance claims and payments.

Submitting accurate invoices and receiving payments need careful dental office accounting procedures, like the ones we use daily.

Expert dental bookkeeping services are the best approach to handling insurance claims. Our experts at Accountor CPA are familiar with the industry and its requirements. This way, you receive the payments you earned as quickly as possible.

What are the Accounting for Dentists' Software Choices?

Naturally, professional industries, like oral health, fall into their niche market. This specialty prompts a need for options to manage accounting duties. Our years of experience include working with multiple software programs that our existing dental clients use for their firms.

Accountor CPA experts are familiar with many cloud-based and desktop accounting programs. We want to make your transition to efficient dental bookkeeping services smoother. We will work with your existing programs and suggest effective software choices suitable for all your needs.

Here are some popular accounting for dentists software options in today’s industry.


Customer Rating


Akitu One 

5 stars



4.7 stars

Local server and cloud-based 

QuickBooks for Dental Practices

4.5 stars 

Cloud-based online and desktop cloud variations


4.3 stars

Local server and cloud-based



Cloud-based with digital app options

Akitu One

The Akitu One software allows dentist clinics to function without worries. It can help reduce missed appointments, unpaid invoices, and lost insurance claims. You can take the stress out of dental practice bookkeeping with choices like Akitu One.


Abeldent is perfect for small and large dental offices. You can install it on a company web server or use their cloud-based program for easy access. This secure software program manages client records, treatment plans, insurance, billing, and more.


QuickBooks for dentists is another popular option for small dental businesses. This affordable software program integrates with other platforms to share financial information. It’s a terrific choice for business bookkeeping, and we are certified experts with its many features.


Maxident combines automation with extra features for a comprehensive dental office software choice. Users can use the built-in billing software and claims management for financial bookkeeping. The scheduling and client management options make it an efficient option for dental practitioners.


Xero is a terrific online accounting software choice for small businesses. It includes all the necessary elements your dental clinic would need for payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and time tracking. With the add-ons, you can view short-term cash flow projections, invoicing, and more.

How Accountor CPA Can Help Your Dental Office Find Success

Are you tired of searching for a dental CPA “near me” without any results? Our Accountor CPA experts have the industry knowledge your thriving dental practice needs. Leave the complex dental bookkeeping services to us so you can focus on your thriving business.

We offer flexible bookkeeping options to suit your requirements and budget. So, whether you are a small start-up pediatric dentist or an established Prosthodontist firm, Accountor CPA can help with payroll, tax preparation, billing, and more. Contact us today for a free consultation for your dental accounting inquiry.


The prices of a CPA to manage a dental firm will vary, depending on the complexity of the services you need. On average, your dental firm can pay set fees for bookkeeping services, with additional amounts for tax preparation and submissions or other comprehensive accounting services, like payroll and invoicing.

Talk to one of our specialists today to get a quote and receive information on how Accountor CPA can help your dental firm while staying within your budget.

Exploring competent accounting options for your dental firm is helpful for business owners. Yet, these services can seem unnecessary when automated accounting software is available. But, using expert CPA firms like Accountor CPA to handle your dental office financials is worth the cost.

Final Thoughts on Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for the Dental Niche

Accountor CPA has the trained experts you need to tackle any technical bookkeeping and accounting tasks for your thriving dental practice. So, whether you need assistance with billing or payroll duties, we can manage these tasks and many other tasks for you.

We ensure your business is up-to-date on taxation laws and help you make the most of your available business credits. Our specialists can also protect you from filing incorrect reports, causing penalties or fines, which can create setbacks for newly established dental firms and clinics.

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