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Accounting Tax Services for Wix Stores in Canada

Accountor CPA offers services for Wix virtual stores in Canada and the United States to change the way you run your business. With our tax accounting and bookkeeping services specifically tailored for Wix e-commerce shops, you can expand your customer base, generate more profit, and grow your business year on year.

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  • Corporate finance expertise
  • A2X, QBO & XERO experts
  • SAGE & FreshBooks gurus
2 Business expansion
  • Evaluation of goals & issues
  • Situation analysis
  • Custom solutions for business
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  • Customer centered connection
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Our Vision & Mission for Wix Stores Services Clients

Our mission and vision statement for Wix clients is simple: provide expert financial advice and professional, certified services to every client to help you achieve your biggest business goals. Through this, we are confident we will be your choice for accounting and tax services for Wix stores for years to come.

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The list of providing services

Registering for and Filing Sales Tax

Accountor CPA offers complete tax services for Wix stores clients to ensure you register for, charge, and remit sales tax to the appropriate authorities and government bodies. We help you navigate the legislation of tax law so you stay compliant.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Managing invoices, sales, expenses, staff, financial statements, and other financial documents for a Wix online business can be overwhelming. We provide Wix bookkeeping and accounting services to keep you organized and prepare for the unexpected.


Is your Wix enterprise expanding quickly? Our payroll services specifically for Wix e-commerce shops helps you follow local payroll laws and ensures your team is paid right and on time.

Financial Advice

Wix e-commerce shops give your business flexibility and the ability to grow inventory and sales easily. We can help you explore new mediums and options for growing your business and expanding your customer base to boost your bottom line.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Selling on Wix e-commerce comes with the responsibility of filing taxes, but there’s more to it than just filling out paperwork. Accountor CPA provides tax preparation and tax planning services so you can make sound business decisions for your company’s growth year-round.

Software Integration and Management

We work with the industry’s most robust accounting and bookkeeping software programs to ensure all your business needs are met with seamless integration, no matter how complex your business operation is.

What Our Clients Say

I wanted to expand my American Amazon reselling business to Canada and had no idea where to start. Accountor CPA helped me register for tax numbers, file taxes, and make decisions about how to grow in the Canadian market.

Zoe / FBA Company Owner

Since signing on with Accountor CPA three years ago, we have nearly doubled our business growth year on year. With their expert advice and practical help with accounting and tax filing for our Amazon business, we have been able to grow way faster than we imagined.

Eric / Amazon Store Owner

I thought I had a good set up for my A2X and related software, but the accountants at Accountor CPA advised me to make some changes and upgrades to see if I could improve my business growth. They were right! My day to day is way smoother now and I’ve found opportunities I would have otherwise missed.

Serg / E-commerce Business

Running my Amazon reseller business has a lot of moving parts and I rely on Accountor CPA to help me stay organized. I work with them for my tax filing, bookkeeping, and accounting, and could not be happier.

Alma / Amazon Reseller Business

Whatever the size of your business, Accountor CPA provides the most cost-effective way to add highly experienced professionals to your management team.

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Get Help Registering For Tax Accounts in Canada

Ready to upgrade your Wix store? Work with Accountor CPA for expert Wix accounting and bookkeeping.

Wix has become one of the largest website builders in Canada. With easy-to-use plugins and design options, anyone can create their own virtual store. E-commerce is a huge part of Wix’s offerings, allowing people across the globe to start a business from the comfort of their own homes.

Even though it may be simple to create a website and start an e-commerce store, the next steps can be confusing.

  • How can you best track your Wix sales?
  • What are your expenses?
  • Do you need to charge tax?
  • Do you need to register your business with any government bodies?
  • How can I integrate my Wix store with other software?

This is where Accountor CPA comes in.

We offer robust Wix bookkeeping and tax accounting services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, SMEs, and corporations in Canada, the United States, and abroad. If you are selling products in Canada on your Wix store, we can help you manage your tax prep and filing, perform accounting duties, and keep your books organized.

Grow your business the smart way. Work with the tax accounting and bookkeeping experts for Wix at Accountor CPA.

Why Should You Work With a Wix Accountant?

When you choose Accountor CPA and our Wix accounting experts, you gain the benefit of our experience and our skills.

What are the advantages of working with a professional bookkeeper and accountant?

  • Minimize errors

    No need to worry about errors that come with performing manual data entry into your accounting software when it is automated and handled by a professional

  • Benefit from our experience

    We have been working with Wix e-commerce sites for years and understand the best Wix accounting software integrations, third-party apps, and best practices to help you

  • Grow your business faster

    When you have access to Wix bookkeeping and accounting, you have access to a wealth of information and analysis that can help you cut costs and increase profits faster

  • Worry-free registrations

    Not sure what accounts you have to register for? Not a problem. We handle relevant government registrations to keep you compliant, whether it is business registration, tax accounts, or for employees

  • Stay compliant

    You do not have to worry about following federal legislation and regulation - we handle it for you so you can focus on your business without worrying about missing something important

  • Stay organized

    Wix bookkeeping software helps you keep all important records and documents in one place so you can easily find them, and analyze them, when you need them - and we handle the set up and maintenance

  • Document preparation

    Financial statements, accounting forms, tax documents, employee payroll - we can handle all your document preparation for your Wix website

  • Consistent 24/7 support

    Whatever your Wix accounting, bookkeeping, or tax questions, we have your answers

Wix Accounting Software Integrations

There is no shortage of Wix accounting integrations available for your e-commerce site. How can you be sure you’re choosing the right one?

On the Wix app market, there are dozens of apps and add-ons to sync your Wix store with accounting and bookkeeping software. With the right accounting integration, you can automatically sync your Wix sales, clients, and invoices with accounting software that records and analyzes this information. You can input and track your business expenses automatically when you sync the Wix accounting software with your banking details. When tax time comes, you have all the calculations and information already at your disposal.

Good Wix accounting software eliminates the risks of errors with manual data entry and provides you with a snapshot of your finances at any given time. Without good bookkeeping software for your Wix store, you run the risk of making errors that affect your bottom line.

At Accountor CPA, we work with the best Wix integrations for accounting and bookkeeping to help you grow your business securely and compliantly.

Wix and QuickBooks

Wix QuickBooks integration is one of the most popular Wix accounting integrations on the market. The QuickBooks Connector app available on the Wix app market allows you to seamlessly compile data from your Wix store into QuickBooks Online.

With QuickBooks and Wix, you can save hours of time manually entering sales data from your site into accounting software. It automatically syncs sales data, product information, and invoices. The purpose of the Wix Quickbooks consolidation is to share data between apps and integrate workflows to simplify your business operations. You can also easily access calculations and figures for preparing for taxes across jurisdictions and countries as needed.

Without being a technical expert, you can set up the QuickBooks Wix integration and start tracking your accounting and bookkeeping like a pro.

The best part of the Wix Connector app is that it is free to download when you are already subscribed to QuickBooks online.

Wix Integration With QuickBooks Online

To connect Wix to QuickBooks, follow these integration steps:

  1. Download the QuickBooks Connector app from the Wix store.
  2. Set up your Account Timezone depending on the timezone you operate in.
  3. Choose your consolidation starting date.
  4. Choose your email notification sync frequency.
  5. Set up your Wix workflow by choosing parameters to determine which orders will be retrieved by QuickBooks from Wix.
  6. Set up advanced options for retrieving orders, including discount presets, shipping, invoice numbering, and client organization.
  7. Match Wix products by SKU in QuickBooks
  8. Set up tax configuration
  9. Select payment settings
  10. Sync!

QuickBooks Wix accounting integration is straightforward when you use the official app on the marketplace. However, if you are new to using Wix or QuickBooks, understanding the details of attaching advanced settings can be difficult. At Accountor CPA, we completely handle set up of Wix QuickBooks integration and maintain the combination of information between systems.

Contact us for help with your Quickbooks-Wix integration.

Wix Xero Integration

If you use Wix and Xero, there are also integration options that you can use to automatically sync your Wix store with your Xero accounting software.

While less robust than the QuickBooks integration, the Xero Bridge by Parex application in the Wix app store allows you to attach your sales data automatically with Xero, so you do not have to manually enter the data every time you have a sale. They also provide options for account reconciliation to ensure that your sales data matches with the payments received in your bank. You can also integrate it with events and other bookings that you can receive payment for.

When you consolidate your Wix sales and customer data with Xero, you save hours of time each week by simply clicking a button, as opposed to manually entering customer data, sales, invoices, payments, and taxes.

There are also a number of third-party software programs available off the app store to integrate Wix and Xero. The team at Accountor CPA can help you choose the best integration software to make sure your needs are covered.

Accountor CPA’s Wix Bookkeeping, Tax, and Accounting Services

Accountor CPA is your Wix accounting and bookkeeping expert. We offer customized and scalable accounting services to clients with Wix e-commerce stores across Canada and the US. Our goal is to help you manage your tax obligations in various provinces, states, and countries, have a deep understanding of your finances and cash flow, and use this data to grow your business and outdo the competition.

Some of the Wix bookkeeping and accounting solutions we offer are:

  • Tax number registration for all provinces and jurisdictions
  • Tax document collection and preparation
  • Tax filing according to Canadian regulations
  • Complete tax compliance
  • Payment processing for tax refunds or tax payable
  • Regular bookkeeping and record collection
  • Expense tracking
  • Invoice monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Accounting support
  • Account reconciliation
  • Accounting and bookkeeping software recommendations and set up
  • Accounting software maintenance and updates
  • Financial statement creation and analysis
  • Audit support
  • Liaising with the CRA on your behalf when required
  • A dedicated team to provide support and answer your Canadian tax questions
  • Professional advice and recommendations year-round
  • Canadian tax planning

Ready to get started? Contact Accountor CPA to speak with a Wix expert and get a free consultation for your e-commerce enterprise.

Registering and Filing Taxes as a Wix Business Owner

When you have a Wix e-commerce store where you are selling products or services, you have to have a thorough understanding of your tax obligations in the provinces, states, and countries in which you sell. If you make an error in charging or remitting sales tax, or fail to register for appropriate tax accounts, you can incur hefty penalties and fines by government bodies.

As an enterprise selling taxable goods or services, you are required by law to charge sales tax, collect it from the customer, and then remit it to the government by a certain due date. Depending on the areas in which you sell, you may have to collect various types of taxes and remit it to various government agencies.

For example, in Canada, some provinces charge federal and provincial tax in one rate known as HST. This means you can complete one tax filing return to cover multiple jurisdictions. However, the remaining provinces and territories charge provincial sales tax and/or federal sales tax separately. This means you need to file multiple returns if you sell to customers in these jurisdictions.

You will have to register for GST / HST and/or PST accounts, charge the appropriate sales tax to the right customers, and remit the tax collected to the right government agencies. If you operate in the United States or abroad, you will have to charge and remit sales tax according to local and federal law in those countries.

These responsibilities can be hard to keep track of. The team of bookkeeping and tax accounting experts at Accountor CPA handle all tax registration in Canada for your Wix store. We help you gather the required business documents, complete the registrations on your behalf, and provide professional support for implementing your tax account numbers in your Wix store and Wix accounting software.

Let us help you avoid headaches and confusing government systems by helping you with tax account registration and filing.

Work With E-Commerce Experts for your Wix Integration

If you are looking to take your Wix e-commerce business to the next level, Accountor CPA can help.

With our expert knowledge in Wix accounting software, Wix bookkeeping, and tax registration and filing, we can help you take control of new markets, expand your business, and most importantly, stay compliant with all government regulations and laws.

Contact us for a free consultation for your Wix enterprise and learn how our expertise can work for you.