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Accounting Tax Services for Lightspeed in Canada

Accountor CPA bookkeeping and tax accounting services for Lightspeed POS users work to boost your online shop’s bottom line. We fully customize our services specifically for Lightspeed sellers to find accounting solutions. Change the way you do business and grow your business fast. Expand your customer base, generate more revenue, and outsell the competition with Accountor CPA.

1 Financial Lightspeed Services
  • Corporate finance expertise
  • A2X, QBO & XERO experts
  • SAGE & FreshBooks gurus
2 Business expansion
  • Evaluation of goals & issues
  • Situation analysis
  • Custom solutions for business
3 Easy communication
  • Customer centered connection
  • Explaining elements in details
  • Collaborative work system

Our Vision & Mission for Lightspeed Services Clients

At Accountor CPA, our mission and vision for our Lightspeed tax accounting and bookkeeping services is simple: provide professional support, financial advice, and qualified services to our clients to help you achieve your business goals. Through this, we help you grow your business year on year.

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The list of providing services


Cover all your bases with financial statements, cash flow analysis, record-keeping, and financial planning. Whatever Lightspeed accounting services you need, Accountor CPA can help year-round, not just at tax time.


Managing invoices, sales, expenses, and other financial documents for a Lightspeed POS business can be overwhelming. We provide Lightspeed bookkeeping services to keep you organized and on top of your finances.

Software Integration and Management

We work with the industry’s most robust accounting and bookkeeping software to ensure all your business needs are met. With seamless syncing and integration, you never miss a beat.

Financial Statements

How can you make confident business decisions if you do not have regular financial statements? We offer financial statement preparation and analysis for Lightspeed operations in Canada so you can grow your business effectively.


Is your Lightspeed enterprise growing fast or expanding across international borders? Our payroll services for Lightspeed e-commerce helps you follow local payroll laws and ensures your team is paid right and on time.

Registering for and Filing Sales Tax

Accountor CPA offers complete Lightspeed tax services to ensure you register for, charge, and remit sales tax to the appropriate authorities. We help you navigate the legislation of Canadian tax law so you can confidently stay compliant.

What Our Clients Say

I wanted to expand my American Amazon reselling business to Canada and had no idea where to start. Accountor CPA helped me register for tax numbers, file taxes, and make decisions about how to grow in the Canadian market.

Zoe / FBA Company Owner

Since signing on with Accountor CPA three years ago, we have nearly doubled our business growth year on year. With their expert advice and practical help with accounting and tax filing for our Amazon business, we have been able to grow way faster than we imagined.

Eric / Amazon Store Owner

I thought I had a good set up for my A2X and related software, but the accountants at Accountor CPA advised me to make some changes and upgrades to see if I could improve my business growth. They were right! My day to day is way smoother now and I’ve found opportunities I would have otherwise missed.

Serg / E-commerce Business

Running my Amazon reseller business has a lot of moving parts and I rely on Accountor CPA to help me stay organized. I work with them for my tax filing, bookkeeping, and accounting, and could not be happier.

Alma / Amazon Reseller Business

Whatever the size of your business, Accountor CPA provides the most cost-effective way to add highly experienced professionals to your management team.

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Get Help Registering For Tax Accounts in Canada

Do you use Lightspeed POS or other Lightspeed software programs for your businesses? A better question is, are you using Lightspeed to its full potential? Accountor CPA can help you do just that.

The professional team at Accountor CPA offers Lightspeed accounting, bookkeeping, and tax filing services to clients across Canada and the United States. Whether you operate as a small business, SME, large corporation, or simply an entrepreneur with a huge inventory, our Lightspeed bookkeeping and accounting services help you control your finances and grow your business faster than the competition.

We use the latest accounting software, made specifically for Lightspeed integration and consolidation, to sync your important financial data and provide you with the information you need to make sound business decisions.

Don’t let your business be held back by confusing accounting and overwhelming financial figures. Accountor CPA can make sense of these for you and give you the confidence you need to expand your operations.

Let’s start with a free consultation. Get in touch today.

What does Lightspeed Do?

Lightspeed is a cloud-based point-of-sale software that offers a number of unique features for e-commerce and physical stores in Canada, the United States, and beyond.

Lightspeed offers a number of robust solutions, including retail store management, e-commerce integration, managing online and in-store inventory, purchase order management, payment processing, cash drawer control, customer analysis, and more. It also easily integrates with in-store POS hardware and a wide range of bookkeeping and accounting software programs, including QuickBooks, Xero, Shogo, and more.

Lightspeed also offers its own Lightspeed Accounting software, that acts as the link between Lightspeed POS retail software and your preferred accounting software of choice.

Clients using Lightspeed for their business typically have multiple store branches, complex inventory, or a large e-commerce store. This means that the bookkeeping andd accounting information collected by Lightspeed is extremely detailed and varied. To make the most use of all this information, it is best to work with a qualified Lightspeed accountant who can manage your Lightspeed finances.

Accounting and Tax Obligations for Lightspeed Users

If you use Lightspeed for your business operations, you are able to sync various brick-and-mortar stores with your e-commerce shop. This means you could be integrating and consolidating stores in different provinces, and selling to customers across the country - meaning different tax rates and responsibilities.

If you are operating a business from outside Canada and selling to Canadian customers, you also have to adhere to this provincial and federal tax rates. You are required by law to charge the appropriate taxes, collect it from the customer, and then remit it to the government.

When you use Lightspeed accounting and bookkeeping, you have all your financial information in one place. You are responsible for setting up the correct tax rates for customers in different provinces and jurisdictions. For example, some provinces charge federal and provincial tax in one rate known as HST. This means one tax filing return covers multiple jurisdictions. However, other provinces and territories charge provincial sales tax and/or federal sales tax separately, meaning you need to file multiple returns if you sell to customers in these jurisdictions.

As your business expands and you add more online shops and brick-and-mortar stores to your enterprise, you will end up registering for multiple tax numbers, filing various tax returns, and paying multiple tax agencies.

Furthermore, the frequency at which you have to file your sales taxes for your businesses can differ. If your sales are less than 1.5 million CAD per year, you are only required to file once per year for the federal return. However, this does not cover all provinces and if you have over 1.5 million CAD in sales, you are required to file more often.

Deadlines to file sales tax charges in Canada differ from due dates in the United States or other countries. The potential due dates are monthly, quarterly, annually for December 31st year-end, and annually for a custom year end. Your HST payment date is determined by which of these filing periods you follow.

If you miss a tax filing period, are late on a tax charge due date, or fail to register for tax charging at all, you can incur hefty penalties from provincial governments and federal entities.

With all the potential that Lightspeed provides for business, it can be difficult to keep track of these varying tax rates and responsibilities. This is why Accountor CPA is proud to offer Lightspeed tax accounting services to keep your businesses compliant with Canadian tax law.

Let us handle your tax preparation and filing for your Lightspeed-operated businesses and simplify your enterprise.

Benefits of Working with a Lightspeed Accounting Expert

Why should you work with Accountor CPA accountants and bookkeepers for your Lightspeed accounting?

  • Have complete compliance

    We ensure you are following all regulations and legislation for sales taxes and duties in your area of sale. Never worry that you are breaking tax law.

  • Benefit from our experience

    With years of working with Lightspeed POS, we understand the best combination software to use to maximize your Lightspeed accounting abilities

  • Get easy tax preparation and filing

    Tax filing for Lightspeed users and business owners is no easy task. With dozens of documents, figures, statements, and calculations, we handle it from beginning to end so you can have peace of mind.

  • Managed Lightspeed accounting software and integration

    Be confident that you are using the best accounting software incorporation for your Lightspeed-driven enterprise.

  • Make smart business decisions when you need them

    When you have all your accounting and bookkeeping details at hand, you have a better understanding of the risks you can take, the expansion you can do, and the products you can sell. Never hesitate on a business decision again when you work with a Lightspeed accountant.

  • Keep it simple

    It can be overwhelming when you use Lightspeed and see all the aggregate data from e-commerce and physical stores in one place. We know how to keep it simple and provide relevant, easiliy-digestible summaries to you so you get the financial information you need.

  • Partner with the best in the industry

    When you work with Accountor CPA, we act as a part of your team. We are your Canadian accounting business partners dedicated to helping your business succeed with Lightspeed accounting and bookkeeping.

Lightspeed Accounting: Integration For Accounting Software

To simplify bookkeeping and accounting integration for Lightspeed and various accounting applications, Lightspeed developed Lightspeed Accounting. This software allows your Lightspeed POS to communicate and sync directly with a number of the industry’s most powerful accounting and bookkeeping software.

Lightspeed Accounting works with many of Accountor CPA’s most recommended accounting software, including:

  • QuickBooks Online
  • Xero
  • Sage
  • Exact

At Accountor CPA, our team utilizes Lightspeed Accounting to sync your Lightspeed POS data with your preferred accounting software. We make recommendations regarding which software is best for your business, set up the software and Lightspeed integration, and maintain the information and automation. You can leave the accounting to us and focus on what you do best - running your business.

Lightspeed QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Online is one of the most popular accounting software programs in Canada. With robust features, customizations, and scalable offerings, it provides a consolidated view of even the most complex business finances.

While suitable for entrepreneurs and small businesses, QuickBooks is typically recommended for SMEs or large corporations who need more detailed financial information from multiple branches and mediums consolidated in one dashboard.

Lightspeed QuickBooks integration can be done a number of ways. The most common and simple way is using Lightspeed Accounting, however, there are other third party software applications available that we can recommend that perform similar functions, such as Shogo.

If you use QuickBooks as your accounting software, Lightspeed QuickBooks integration using Lightspeed Accounting or other third party software eliminates the need for manual data export and manual data entry from Lightspeed to QuickBooks. You can save hours each week with Lightspeed Quickbooks automatic consolidation and syncing.

QuickBooks can be difficult to customize depending on your experience. That’s where Accountor CPA comes in. Our expert accountants can help you set up QuickBooks and Lightspeed Accounting to effortlessly and seamlessly sync your data.

Lightspeed Xero Integration

Xero is another of the accounting industry’s most powerful applications for bookkeeping and accounting. Xero boasts customizable features on its cloud-based, secure platform that are suitable for small businesses, SMEs, and independent enterprises alike.

Lightspeed Xero integration can be easily achieved with Lightspeed Accounting software or other third-party software. Because Xero has an easy-to-use dashboard, it is often the choice for business owners who need simplified financial data and consolidation.

If you use Xero accounting software and Lightspeed POS, we can help you find the right software to link them seamlessly and upkeep your accounting year-round.

Lightspeed Accounting Shogo

Shogo is a cloud-based service that posts POS or e-commerce sales data directly to your accounting system automatically. It is an automation software designed to simplify bookkeeping and accounting integration.

Shogo acts as a third-party software that syncs Lightspeed POS in brick-and-mortar and e-commerce stores with your preferred accounting software. It allows you to customize sync settings so you can decide what information gets consolidated into your accounting software, how it is organized, and when it syncs.

If you are using Shogo to sync Lightspeed with your accounting software, the team at Accountor CPA can help you streamline your workflows and manage your integrations and Lightspeed bookkeeping and accounting.

Accountor CPA Lightspeed Bookkeeping & Tax Accounting Services

At Accountor CPA, we work with the industry’s most powerful bookkeeping and tax accounting software to provide your Lightspeed enterprise with everything that it needs to succeed. From initial registrations, to tax preparation, to bookkeeping and tracking, to all accounting tasks and responsibilities, you can trust that Accountor CPA is working hard for you.

Our team of accountants and bookkeepers have years of experience working with Lightspeed and Lightspeed integrations. When you work with us, you are working with qualified, experienced CPAs who know how to grow your business.

Our Lightspeed accounting and bookkeeping services are completely customizable and scalable, meaning you get the exact services you need, and none of the ones that you do not.

Just some of the Lightspeed bookkeeping and tax accounting services we offer are:

  • Business registration(s)
  • Lightspeed accounting software unification
  • POS hardware syncing and consolidation
  • Tax number registration for all provinces and jurisdictions
  • Tax document collection and preparation
  • Tax filing according to Canadian regulations
  • Tax remittance and payment management
  • Complete tax compliance
  • Regular bookkeeping and record collection
  • Business expense tracking
  • Accounting support
  • Bank and credit account reconciliation
  • Accounting and bookkeeping software recommendations and set up
  • Financial statement creation and analysis
  • Audit support
  • Liaising with the CRA on your behalf when required
  • A dedicated team to provide support and answer your Canadian tax questions
  • Professional support available 24/7 virtually

We know Lightspeed. Let us put our knowledge to work for you.

Ready to Upgrade Your Lightspeed Integrations?

If you use Lightspeed to connect your e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores to accounting software, you likely have a complex corporation or large business with many moving parts. For such large enterprises, working with a professional accountant and bookkeeper is key for long term success and growth.

At Accountor CPA, we work with clients across Canada and the United States that sell to customers in Canada and need robust accounting solutions to underestand their various branches. The responsibility of our team is to provide you with valuable financial data, analysis, and insight for each of your businesses connected to Lightspeed. We work to simplify your bookkeeping and accounting at every turn.

To gain more from your Lightspeed accounting integration, contact the experts at Accountor CPA. We offer free consultations so you can learn exactly how we can take your business to the next level.

Contact us today.

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