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Professional Bookkeeping Services and Accounting for Therapists from Industry Experts

Proper accounting for therapists is beneficial for the success of your practice. Unfortunately, many industry professionals need more time and energy for their bookkeeping. Accountor CPAs understand the complexities of running a private practice. We recognize your unique accounting needs to provide an ideal solution.

We offer many services to suit any size of business and budget. Accountor CPA can help organize your expenses and verify the accuracy of your books. Our experts can find tax breaks you may be missing. You can relax when our professionals manage your finances.

Instead of worrying about your books, let our specialists handle your scheduled invoicing duties and payments. We will streamline your billing process and help make your financial tasks more efficient. These small details will help save you time and stress daily.

Contact us today to see how our professionals make your financial tasks stress-free. We offer a free, no-obligation discovery call to tailor your bookkeeping services for your therapist clinic.

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Give back your corporate taxes.

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Optimize staff performance.

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Cut the costs and huge expenses.

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Accounting help for Therapists & Psychologists

We offer peace of mind, confidence, better performance, and more free time to develop your company.


We help our customers understand their business data and make better decisions drive to success.


We help you reduce the risk of embezzlement by tracking cashflow and flag unusual activity.


We are here to provide you a simple and effective way to control of your working time and expenses.

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There are thousands of reasons why Canadian companies choose our services. Here are a few of them that you might like:

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What Makes Bookkeeping and Accounting for Therapists Unique?

Running a private practice can get hectic. There is no downtime between seeing clients, handling payroll, and updating your books. Only some professional industries follow the exact accounting and bookkeeping processes. The experts at Accountor CPA understand the unique challenges of bookkeeping for therapists.

Canadian mental health professionals must adhere to specific tax requirements in their region. For example, some private practices may be exempt from charging GST/HST on their services. Having an Accountor CPA expert can help make sense of complex taxation guidelines.

Therapists and psychotherapists qualify for tax deductions that don't apply to other businesses. Our experts know the industry and what you can use. We have you covered, from meals and travel expenses to licensing and membership fees. You are also eligible to write off your personal therapy that helps maintain your professional mental health.

If you are starting a private practice or have grown and need accounting help, Accountor CPA is here for you. Our accounting for therapists' services can improve your financial processes. Let us help relieve stress from worrying about your books.

How Accountor CPA is Your Best Choice of Bookkeeping for Therapists in Canada

Finding the best accounting services for your business can provide several advantages. See what makes Accountor CPA the ideal solution for your psychology practice with these benefits.

Our accountants for psychotherapists work with you at every stage of the accounting process for better business management

  • We can show you how to make the most of your tax benefits
  • Accountor CPA experts can use your existing accounting software
  • Our bookkeeping for psychologists’ services keeps your books accurate and up-to-date
  • Accountor CPA helps you effectively track your income and expenses
  • We can efficiently handle your payroll needs
  • Accountor CPA will prepare your tax documents, so you don’t miss any deadlines
  • Our professionals provide business workflow services helping make your financial processes more efficient
  • We operate as a 100% virtual accounting firm for your convenience
  • Accountor CPA offers professional financial advisory services to benefit your practice

Better Business Management for Psychologists

You can make better operational decisions when seeing current business finances in real time. From adjusting working hours or changing where you order office supplies, our professionals work with you for the best results.

Finding Tax Benefits for Mental Health Practices

You may only take advantage of some of the tax benefits that apply to your therapist practice. Accountor CPA will guide you in what expenses are and don’t apply to your taxes.

Maintain Existing Accounting Software in Therapist Offices

The professionals at Accountor CPA have certification in QuickBooks and Xero accounting software. We also have expertise in many other accounting programs, including Sage and FreshBooks. Our specialists can use any cloud-based accounting software you currently have for your books, like QuickBooks for psychologists.

Bookkeeping for Psychologists in Canada

If you need help with your daily or weekly bookkeeping, Accountor CPA can help. Our professionals provide effective bookkeeping solutions. We ensure your financial records are up-to-date and accurate at all times.

Effectively Track Income and Expenses for Therapists in Canada

We offer several methods to track your income and expenses quickly and effectively. This way, you don’t have to worry about reconciling bank statements or finding lost receipts.

Handle Your Payroll in a Busy Mental Health Clinic

When you employ others, payroll duties can be overwhelming for busy therapists. We can handle your payroll needs so your staff receives correct and on-time payments.

Prepare Tax Documents for a Busy Therapist Practice

Missing a tax deadline can present costly fines or penalties. Accountor CPA ensures your tax documents are ready and filed, so you don’t have to worry.

Business Workflow Services for Growing Psychologist Offices

Accountor CPA will examine your existing financial workflow duties for any inefficiencies.

We offer a streamlined workflow to help make your business more efficient. This can save you time and money.

100% Virtual Accounting Firm for Canadian Therapists and Psychologists

We provide all our accounting for therapists virtually for a convenient financial solution. You don’t have to visit us in person when collaborating on your financial needs.

Professional Financial Advisory Services for Therapists

Our professional financial advisory services can make sense of ever-changing government regulations. We help you understand your financial data and how it impacts business operations.

Contact us today if you have any questions about how Accountor CPA can help your psychologist practice. Our experts are happy to discuss your financial needs and goals and provide custom services.

What Clients Receive When Using Accountor CPA’s Accounting for Therapists Services

What do you get when you use Accountor CPA's bookkeeping for psychologists' services? Not every accountant for psychologists can offer the same services. We provide ideal accounting and bookkeeping for therapists and psychologists Canada-wide.

Here is how your therapist practice benefits from a professional accountant for psychologists.




Client-focused communication

Collaborative accounting solutions 

Better interaction between CPAs and you for success 

Certified professional accounting

Experts in the industry working for you

Knowledgable in taxation laws, benefits, and credits in your niche market

Custom accounting and bookkeeping solutions

Providing only the financial services you want and need

Offering the most cost-effective accounting solutions

Financial planning and forecasting

Comprehensive evaluation of your financial processes

Using relevant data to make better business decisions 

Certified experts for your bookkeeping and accounting needs

Designated Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) managing your finances

Accredited experts to handle your finances and adhere to current industry standards

Contact us for our many accounting services and how we can support your private practice. When you submit an online request, one of our accounting specialists will be in touch as soon as possible.


The best part about using Accountor CPA is our customized accounting services. We will handle as much or as little accounting as your budget and business allow. Our experts work to provide the most cost-effective bookkeeping solution. Talk to one of our experts today and see how simple it is for Accountor CPA to tackle your business finances.

Yes! The Accountor CPA experts are knowledgeable in the psychology industry. We understand what taxation benefits and credits your business may be eligible for. Using the services of a professional who understands your needs can save you time. We will complete your books and prepare your tax documents so you can focus on your practice. Accountor CPA makes handling your business finances easy and stress-free.

Yes! Accountor CPA experts can handle all your unique bookkeeping for psychologists. So, you can count on us whether you are a private therapist or part of a larger organization. Our professionals have the training and know-how to keep your books accurate. We work hard to ensure your business receives the taxation benefits you deserve. So, whether you operate a private business or with a firm, our experts are here to help. So, contact us today for a free consultation. See how Accountor CPA can customize your services and provide the best accounting solution possible.

Premium Bookkeeping and Accounting for Therapists From Accountor CPA

We offer premium accounting for therapists’ solutions regardless of your business size. Accountor CPA has the expertise to provide simple bookkeeping for psychologists while managing large therapist firms.

Contact one of our specialists today and see how the Accountor CPA team is here for your business needs. We aim to make your financial tasks easier for you so that you can focus on your clients.

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