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    Why do architects need specialized accounting and bookkeeping services?
    The architectural industry demands a project cost accounting approach that differs from other methods. Proper accounting methods will keep the books accurate and allow on-target financial planning. This method is beneficial for future projects.
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Bookkeeping and Accounting for Architects and Architectural Firms

Are you searching for Canadian professionals to provide accounting for architects? You can count on the experts from Accountor CPA. Our certified accountants can handle all bookkeeping for architects and your business finances. We have the experience your small, medium, or large architectural firm needs in a CPA.

We are the trustworthy professionals you want and need in an accounting firm. You can count on us to handle daily financial tasks and annual taxation duties. Our specialists have the training to manage finances effectively in the architectural industry. We will help you keep accurate books and ensure you don’t miss any taxation deadlines.

So, let Accountor CPA tackle your tedious bookkeeping and accounting paperwork. Save yourself the stress and hassle of finding the time to do it yourself. Instead, we will work with you to ensure you reach your financial goals in your architectural practice. You know your firm is in good hands when Accountor CPA experts work for you.

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Accounting Help for Architectural Firms

We offer peace of mind, confidence, better performance, and more free time to develop your company.


We help our customers understand their business data and make better decisions drive to success.


We help you reduce the risk of embezzlement by tracking cashflow and flag unusual activity.


We are here to provide you a simple and effective way to control of your working time and expenses.

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Unique Features of Accounting for Architectural Firms

Architects’ accountants provide different services than those a retail business requires. Although many elements are similar, bookkeeping for architects demands project cost accounting methods.

Project cost accounting can successfully handle unique situations that traditional accounting methods cannot. Some instances where Accountor CPA uses this method for your business financials include:

  • When architectural jobs extend over multiple taxation years
  • When there is an overlap of projects
  • Receiving sporadic revenue payments for projects
  • Adhering to a more frequent reporting schedule

Using project cost accounting treats each project individually. This way, you can manage your budget and expenses more accurately. Additionally, your firm can stay on track and meet your KPIs better.

For more information about Accountor CPA's project cost accounting approach, fill out our contact form today. One of our friendly experts will be in touch to show you how we can help your business.

Accountor CPA Can Handle Accounting for Architects Using Many Bookkeeping Software Programs

Accountor CPA's professionals have training in many bookkeeping methods using popular software programs. Transferring data to another program is unnecessary when using our accounting for architects.

Instead, we work with your in-house accounting software. This way, we can provide a seamless transition with all your bookkeeping needs.

One benefit of new virtual accounting software programs is saving to the cloud for ease of use. Newer software choices in the market provide virtual storage. So any computer with internet access can view, add, and change information.

Here is a glimpse of architectural firms' more popular accounting software choices today.

  • Quickbooks for architects
  • NetSuite
  • Sage Intacct
  • Xero
  • Wave Accounting

If you currently use a program that is not on this list, Accountor CPA can still help you be successful. All we need is online access to the program to complete your accounting tasks virtually. Our experts can navigate any cloud-based accounting software program with ease.

Talk to one of our certified experts today and see how Accountor CPA can help get your books in order. We will work hard to keep your financials up-to-date and accurate. Then, you can make better financial business decisions.

How Accountor CPA’s Bookkeeping for Architects Can Benefit Your Firm

Deciding on a third-party accounting firm can take time and effort. We make it easy to see the benefits of our professional accounting for architects. Our experts provide a wide array of solutions that include:

  • Setting up your digital accounting software, such as Quickbooks for architects
  • Reviewing your existing books to find mistakes
  • Streamline your accounting processes for better efficiency
  • Ensure you meet all reporting and taxation deadlines
  • Affordable architects accountants

Set Up Accounting Software

If you don’t currently have an accounting software program, Accountor CPA can help. We will set up an effective bookkeeping program to meet your business needs. Popular choices, like Quickbooks for architects, make tracking revenue and expenses simple.

Reviewing Books for Errors

For architects that need extra help, our professionals are here for you. Accountor CPA reviews your existing books for mistakes or missed tax benefits. We want your architectural firm to be successful and profitable. Having accurate bookkeeping records can help you achieve this goal.

Streamlining Accounting Processes

Busy architectural firms can waste time, money, and resources on duplicated accounting tasks. Let our experts at Accountor CPA explore your current accounting processes. We can show you how to save your business vital time and money with more efficient accounting practices.

Meet Reporting and Taxation Deadlines

Thriving architects may sometimes overlook critical reporting and taxation deadlines during the year. Don’t let your busy firm incur fines or penalties for missing these time limits. Accountor CPA will ensure your business stays on track and remains industry compliant.

Affordable Architects Accountants

Our flexible bookkeeping for architects ensures your firm receives professional services at an affordable rate. Our experts provide a proposal covering various accounting solutions to suit your company. You will then choose the plan that works for your budget and business needs.


Yes! Our professionals have extensive industry knowledge for completing architectural bookkeeping and tax accounting duties. We keep up-to-date on filing deadlines and government regulations. These small factors can help save your business time and money.

Let us handle your architectural bookkeeping and accounting for your firm and see the benefits. You can use this time to use your skills and grow your business while we tackle your books.

No. We understand your unique financial situation as a business compared to others in the same industry. Although we use the same accounting methods, we can customize your services for your architectural firm. So, while we know the tax deadlines and how to handle your assets, you can expect individualized services from Accountor CPA.

Our professionals work with you to find the best solutions to your bookkeeping and accounting needs. We offer flexible options to align with your budget and business requirements.

Yes! Accountor CPA provides vital accounting services your business needs without including the ones you don’t. We will never pressure you into bookkeeping or accounting services that are unnecessary. For example, many existing clients rely on us annually to submit their business taxes.

We can act as your CRA liaison to ease your stress at tax time. Let us handle your yearly business taxes so you can focus on your business.

Talk To Our Experts Today To Receive Professional Bookkeeping For Architects' Services

Accountor CPA has the industry experts to provide exceptional accounting and bookkeeping for architects across Canada. We can successfully handle all your financial needs, whether you have a small architectural firm or a large organization.

So, contact us today and see how Accountor CPA can help with your business accounting needs.

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