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Issuing a record of employment is an important part of business operations in Canada. Whatever the reason your business needs to submit an ROE, the rules surrounding it are very specific and total compliance and accuracy is imperative to avoid damaging consequences for your company.

What is the meaning of ROE? Should you submit your ROE online? How can Canada ROE services help your business? Our custom guides can answer all your Canada ROE questions.

The team of payroll experts at Accountor CPA can help you navigate the complex regulations surrounding Canada ROEs and determine the situations that require you to submit an ROE to Service Canada. We take the confusion out of Canada record of employment submission and generation.

Let’s start with a free virtual consultation to show you how you can benefit from Accountor CPA’s ROE services in Canada. Get back to growing your business. Leave the records of employment to us.

What Is the Meaning of ROE?

The definition of ROE is a record of employment. This is a form or document issued by employers to workers who experience an interruption in insurable earnings in their job. This could be due to business closure, layoffs, dismissals, maternity leave, long term leaves, injury, and a number of other specific ROE reasons.

Accessing an ROE is of particular importance when workers are applying for employment insurance (EI) benefits.

In regards to the Canada Record of Employment, it is the employer’s responsibility to issue an ROE within the specified deadlines, designated by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). This is a federally-related document and does not differ from province to province.

There is a choice between a paper record of employment or issuing an ROE online.It is always recommended to use the ROE web service Canada to issue a record of employment. This comes with a number of benefits for both the business and the worker.

At Accountor CPA, we offer ROE online submission services for small businesses, SMEs, corporations, and other large enterprises across Canada. Improve compliance, meet deadlines, and continue positive worker relations when with our ROE services.

Benefits of Using ROE Services Canada

Submitting a Canada ROE online comes with a number of advantages over taking on the responsibility internally. At Accountor CPA, our goal is to simplify Canadian small business payroll processes as much as possible. By offloading ROE obligations to us, you can have peace of mind that you are meeting your compliance obligations and providing the necessary documents to your workers.

Just some of the benefits of using record of employment services are:

  • No confusing as to which situations warrant submitting an ROE;
  • Meet ROE filing deadlines without the stress;
  • Ensure compliance with employment laws and the CRA;
  • Save time and improve internal productivity;
  • Upgrade your payroll and accounting software;
  • Improve the quality and consistency of your records of employment;
  • Reduce calls from the CRA and Service Canada ROE requests for clarification;
  • Eliminate mail and distribution costs when you use ROE online submissions;
  • Improve how you manage employee payments after separation;
  • Improve your worker-business relationships;
  • Lower administrative costs associated with records of employment.

Ready to get started? Let’s start with a free virtual consultation for your unique business.

CRA ROE Online Submission for Businesses

Historically, records of employment were completed only on blank paper documents that had to be mailed to Service Canada. Now, the CRA uses ROE web services, an application that allows employers to submit ROEs completely remotely without the need for a paper form. If your business is still using paper ROEs, it is time to upgrade to ROE web services.

To take advantage of ROE web-based services Canada, a business can either manually enter data online in the Service Canada portal, or conveniently use a compatible payroll software program to upload ROE data right from your own system. Why bother with paper ROEs?

Why is ROE online submission preferable to paper?

  • Save on printing costs as you print copies for your employee, your records, and the CRA;
  • You do not need to contact the CRA to get more blank ROE forms;
  • Save on postage fees for mailing ROEs;
  • No need to securely store blank ROEs until they are used;
  • Reduce the risk of a lost or stolen ROE;
  • More easily amend ROEs as necessary online instead of issuing an entirely new paper copy;
  • Your CRA record of employment is aligned better with pay cycles;
  • Common mistakes are caught automatically by the software, reducing errors;
  • You can confidently meet deadlines without worrying about a paper ROE being lost in the mail;
  • Ensure better compliance with government legislation, regulations, and guidelines;

At Accountor CPA, we use ROE online submission to ensure that your filings are accurate and on time.

View more information about ROE web services in Canada on the Government of Canada website.

Canada Record of Employment and Finance Operations

Issuing ROEs may seem like a small task compared to your other business responsibilities, but as a payroll chore, it can take up a lot of your valuable time on a regular basis.

If you run a company with a large staff, interns, seasonal workers, or simply have a moderate turnover rate, your ROE obligations can be difficult to navigate. Missed deadlines or mistakes can lead to not only sour worker relations, but financial penalties as well. It can also cause problems for accounting and bookkeeping as you struggle to determine what payments where made when or what penalties are owed as there are changes in your workers’ occupations.

Canada records of employment are an essential payroll task that can be automated given the right payroll and accounting software. When you simplify your ROE processes, you free up your time and minimize the room for error in your accounting and the financial well-being of your business.

Get ROE Services Canada from the Experts at Accountor CPA

If you are looking to simplify your issuing, filing, and accessing ROE processes, Accountor CPA can help. And if your firm is still using paper ROEs, we can help you upgrade to filing your records of employment on the web electronically.

Some of the ROE services we offer in Canada are:

  • Setting up and managing payroll and ROE software;
  • Determining the situations that require you to submit an ROE;
  • Filing using ROE web services in line with government preferences;
  • Generating detailed ROEs using accurate employee payroll information;
  • Determining the right ROE code for your employee’s situation;
  • Updating payroll software with employee records and ROE;
  • Documenting ROE statements and final employee pay in relevant payroll and accounting software;
  • Submitting ROE to Service Canada by the specified deadline;
  • Liaising with the government as necessary in the event of follow up questions or if more information is required;
  • General payroll reporting and management.

For all the ROE services your Canadian business needs, we have payroll experts who can file and issue all the necessary information online seamlessly. Save your time, money, and stress with Accountor CPA’s payroll and online Record of Employment services.

Contact us for a free quote today for your business and see how we can simplify your Canada ROE forms and processes.

Save your time, money, and hard work ...

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