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Expense Tracking Online: Expense Manager & Automated Expense Tracking

Online expense tracking software saves businesses across Canada hours of valuable time each day. With so many options for expense tracking online, how can you choose the best service?

Accountor CPA can help you choose the best expense manager online and provide expense management services to assist you every step of the way. Stop spending your valuable time handling payments, reimbursements, and tracking. Trust Accountor CPA to handle your expense tracking, while you handle growing your business.

How is Online Expense Tracking Software Different?

Previously, expense tracking was done manually with an Excel spreadsheet on one office computer, a calculator, and chaotic formulas created on a case-by-case basis. Only one machine had access to the information and paper receipts had to be documented after each purpose.

Online expense tracking software is different in every way and helping businesses stay on top of their finances better than ever before.

Expense tracking online has never been more simple. These programs can automate your payment records, keep track of receipts and organize them by category, track mileage and travel expenses, and allow you to simply take a photo of a paper receipt to autopopulate its information in your software.

Online expenses apps work on the cloud, meaning they are housed securely on remote servers behind firewalls and intense security features. You can access your expense manager online from any device at any time - not just the outdated office desktop. It generates reports that you can save, export, and analyze with an accountant to get a better understanding of where you are spending the most money. It can be connected to your bank accounts and credit accounts to help with reconciliation as well.

Online expense tracking software includes features and integrations like:

  • Basic integration with other accounting and bookkeeping software;
  • Capture receipts via your mobile device’ camera;
  • Custom notifications;
  • Managing recurring expenses;
  • Redundant security and monitored access;
  • Goal or threshold tracking;
  • Detailed expense categorization;
  • Cloud-based software or apps;
  • Seamless reporting for custom dates;
  • Managed user access for employees or your accountant;
  • Mileage tracking;
  • Tax preparation features;
  • Canadian tax and legislation compliance;
  • Minimal manual data entry and calculations;
  • Automated reconciling.

Upgrade your expense tracking online with Accountor CPA.

Expense Manager Online Services

Ready to take control of your business expenses? We can help.

CPA offers Canadian businesses of all sizes customized online expenses applications and programs to suit their goals and business operations.

We scale our online expenses apps and management completely to you, your business, and your employees. You get peace of mind that your expenses are being handled professionally so nothing gets missed, no matter how busy things get. As your needs change and grow in the future, we can scale our services to suit you and help you manage your expenses as they change.

The expense tracking online services we offer include:

  • Online expenses app and software installation and set up;
  • Managed user access for employees who need to follow and manage expenses;
  • App and software maintenance and updates ongoing;
  • Receive regular financial reports and statements;
  • Financial statement and expense analysis;
  • Credit card and bank statement consolidation;
  • Professional recommendations about expenses that can be minimized or eliminated;
  • Commercial investment expense tracking;
  • Managing employee reimbursements;
  • Custom dashboard and notification set up on income expenses apps;
  • Tax preparation and filing;
  • Support from an experienced bookkeeping team when you need it.

As a virtual bookkeeping firm, we are able to offer our clients flexibility and support beyond what a brick-and-mortar firm can do. Wherever your operations in Canada, our team can meet with your remotely and provide web-based support as you need it to ensure your expense tracking is seamless and accurate.

Learn more about what sets us apart with a free virtual consultation.

Online Expense Tracking Software & Apps

How can you be sure you’re choosing the best online expense tracking software for your firm?

Each online expense app helps you manage your spending and keep track of prices and charges in its own unique way. Some of the industry’s leading best online expense trackers include:

  • QuickBooks Online;
  • FreshBooks;
  • Expensify;
  • Receipt Bank;
  • Hub Doc;
  • Google Sheets;
  • Excel.

Our team of expense tracking experts can find the right expense manager online to keep your business moving.

Automated Expense Tracking for Business

Automation is a key part of online expense tracking. Automated expense tracking, or automatic expense tracking, works to simplify your operations by tracking your time, paper receipts, invoices, reimbursements, mileage, and more, all in one place.

When you sync your automated expense tracking with other bookkeeping software, you can simplify your reconciliations and complete automatic reimbursements for staff as necessary. You cut down on admin costs and time significantly when your bookkeeper does not have to manually check, calculate, approve, and balance each transaction. This also reduces the risk of human error in managing your expenses.

Let your automated expense tracking online handle these time-consuming tasks so your staff can be reimbursed better and your books can be more accurate at all times, without needing to dedicate valuable time each day or week.

Google Sheets Expense Trackers Online

Many self-employed individuals or small business owners use a Google Sheets expense tracker. Excel used to be the go-to option for an expense tracking spreadsheet, but Google’s ease of sharing and cloud access has put it at the forefront instead.

This serves as a basic option for an individual or business just starting out with online expenses app. Google Sheets is very user-friendly, scalable, customizable, and easy to share among employees or with a bookkeeper. More recently, integration with Google expense trackers have improved meaning you can sync it with other bookkeeping or accounting software.

There are a number of Google expense report templates available online that serve as a good starting point, but if you opt to use Google sheets expense trackers, it’s best for an accountant or bookkeeper to create a custom sample template for your business. Using another business’ ideal business template may not be the best fit for you.

Is Google Expense Manager Enough for Your Business?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for online expense tracking software. Some business operations can benefit from simple spreadsheets, while others require in depth and detailed expense tracking for dozens of users.

If your online expense tracking is straightforward with only one or a couple users using company credit cards or claiming business expenses through your enterprise, a Google expense manager may be sufficient for you. If you have many users that claim expenses or make purchases on behalf of the company or have heavy recurring expenses, you may not be able to use a template sufficiently on Google and require better support.

At Accountor CPA, we can help you determine if an expense tracker Google sheets is right for your business or help you upgrade your existing Google expense app data to another software if necessary.

QuickBooks Online Expense Tracking

If you need more robust functions than a simple spreadsheet, QuickBooks Online is a great choice. Its accounting functions provide detailed expense tracking online for multiple users, multiple businesses, and detailed expense categories. It is used widely among accounting professionals and bookkeepers as well, meaning you can easily share access with your accountant to run expense reports online or help prepare your taxes.

If you are looking for another expense manager online to integrate with QuickBooks, you have multiple options. You can even sync Google Sheets expense tracker with QuickBooks if you find a system that works for you or you are upgrading your expense tracking software. QuickBooks boasts hundreds of integrations that work with the push of a button. Whatever level of expense tracking you need, there is a solution in QuickBooks.

There are many options for expense tracking online between Google expense trackers and QuickBooks online expense tracking. We can help you determine the best online expenses app to suit your business.

Work With The Best Online Expense Tracker For Your Business

Our team of qualified and experienced bookkeepers and CPAs (Chartered Professional Accountants) are dedicated to helping you gain control over your business expenses through the industry’s best online expense trackers and software.

Whether you operate a small business, SME, large corporation, are or self employed, we can help with your expense management. Our expense tracking online services ensure you understand your expenses better and can work towards building your financial future more efficiently.

Contact Accountor CPA for a free virtual consultation and learn how we can automate expense tracking, reporting, and analysis. Stop worrying about losing count, missing payment deadlines, or overspending. Focus on what matters most - running your business.