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Look at our Help With Bill Tracker Apps: for Managing Bills and Payments Professional help for companies in need

Help With Bill Tracker Apps: for Managing Bills and Payments

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Do you need help setting a budget for yourself? Getting your finances under control? Or simply some support tracking your bill payments and deadlines?

Bill tracker apps and apps for bills and budgeting are the best way to keep track of your payments, deadlines, spending, and regular costs. Whether you run a small business, are self-employed, or just need some personal bill tracking, you can benefit from the assistance in using a bill tracker app.

Accountor CPA offers services, solutions, support, and apps for managing bills and expenses to help you keep your finances under control. Our bill tracking services for Canadians have aided small businesses and individuals grow their wealth and plan for their futures.

Get a free virtual consultation today to learn how our services and apps for managing bills can change how you do business and boost your profits.

What’s the Best Way to Track Bills?

As a small business owner, it can be a struggle to keep track of bills and payment deadlines. There are daily, weekly, and monthly bills and charges that you need to track, document, and pay on time or risk interest fees and penalties - or worse, a cut off service.

There are a number of daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly invoices charges that you need to stay on top of as a business owner.


Weekly / Bi-weekly







Rent / Mortgage

Travel costs

Payroll costs

Maintenance fees

Client-related costs

POS fees

Car payments


Inventory management

Software licensing fees

Office supplies


The best way to keep track of bills is with a bill and budget app and software. The best bill tracker apps will sync directly with your bank accounts, credit accounts, and invoicing or bookkeeping software to show you what bills need to be paid and when. An automated system takes this a step further by allowing you to pay recurring invoices automatically as they are received.

These tracker apps and services also help you set a realistic budget so that you can make better business decisions on the go without worrying about how it will affect your finances and revenue.

View all your finances at a glance, customize notifications to suit your business, and never miss a bill due date again when you use a bill and budget tracker with Accountor CPA.

Monthly Bill Organizer Apps Help

For many individuals or new small business owners, monthly bill organizer apps can be sufficient for staying on top of your bills and payments.

Many expenses for new businesses like rent, inventory management, payroll, supplies, and insurance will be on a monthly basis. A monthly bill tracking app will help you meet these deadlines and show you an overview of your monthly spending. As you grow, you can use this financial data to boost your understanding the expenses that must be purchased more or less often and where you are able to cut your costs down.

Once you know your organization’s monthly budget and monthly bills, you can scale your operation up without losing control of your finances.

Weekly Bill Trackers

For a larger corporation or SME, weekly bill trackers and budget planners are necessary. There are dozens of weekly or bi-weekly costs in a large enterprise to keep operations moving and one missed payment can set off a chain reaction that damages your company’s bottom line.

Weekly bill trackers help you and your employees stay on top of invoices, orders, and charges that come up multiple times per month. Integrating these with your bookkeeping and accounting software also gives you a better opportunity to perform credit and bank reconciliations on a weekly basis, which can be imperative if you have a large staff handling expenses.

Bill and Budget Tracker Services and Assistance from Accountor CPA

Accountor CPA offers Canadian businesses of all sizes customized bill tracking apps, budget organizer programs, and payment tracing aid to suit their goals and business operations.

Because we are a virtual Canadian bookkeeping firm, we can scale our bill tracking apps and services to you and your business. Whatever level of service you need, you can relax at the thought of your bill payments being handled professionally and on time. As your needs change and grow in the future, we can scale our services up or down to suit you and assist you in improving your bill payment tracking and other expenses.

The bill tracking app services we offer include:

  • Bill tracker app and software installation and set up;
  • Managed user access for employees responsible for orders and/or invoices;
  • Application and software maintenance and updates ongoing;
  • Receive regular financial reports and statements;
  • Custom advice about budgeting for your business;
  • Financial statement and expense analysis;
  • Credit card and bank statement reconciliation;
  • Professional recommendations about expenses that can be minimized or eliminated;
  • Commercial investment expense tracking;
  • Managing employee purchases and reimbursements;
  • Custom dashboard and notification set up for your devices;
  • Tax preparation and filing;
  • Support and assistance from an experienced bookkeeping team when you need it.

Our remote bill and budget designer services are the easiest way to track bill payments for your business. We are available to you for support when you need it and give you the benefit of the experience of our whole bookkeeping team to manage your bill tracking.

Even with the use of an app customized to your needs, you still have the support of the Accountor CPA team to keep you moving.

Personal Bill Tracker Support

Looking for bill payment tracking for you or your family? Bill tracker apps are not just for businesses. They can help individuals handle the sometimes overwhelming amount of bills that accompanies working and saving for your future or household.

Using the best bill tracker app or software for you is one of the best ways to track personal bills and payments regularly. The best bill tracker app for you will depend on your financial portfolio, goals, budget, and personal preferences. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the best bill and budget tracker that will enhance your finance management and that you enjoy using so you can succeed.

Some personal expense tracking software is available exclusively on mobile apps, like iOS or Android, which is perfect for individuals on the go looking for simple features to keep track of their bill payments. Others can be accessed through computer apps or browsers.

Best Bill and Budget App for Business Improvement

Bill and budget apps for small businesses, SMEs, or large corporations in Canada will need more robust functions and features than those for personal bill tracking. Things like credit card bill trackers, invoice integration, custom notifications, and bank balance syncing must come standard for you to be able to run your business.

We are dedicated to assisting small businesses in Canada with their bookkeeping needs, and this starts with effective bill tracking apps and budget planning. Whatever your business’ financial goals, structure, and operations, we can find a app to keep track of bills, payments, accounts payable, funds, and bank balances that will help you stay on top of your money.

Let’s start with a free virtual consultation with our Canadian bookkeeping team.

The Best Bill Tracker App for Android and iPhone

Bill tracking software on a computer is important for when you need to handle some accounting work and get an account statement, but when it comes to paying a bill or receiving an invoice, you need an app on your phone.

This way, you can receive notifications while you’re on the go to see what bill payment deadlines are looming or how your spending is this month.

Some of the best bill tracker apps for iPhone and Android are:

  • Mint;
  • Wave;
  • Personal Capital;
  • YNAB;
  • Pocket Guard;
  • Excel or Google Sheets.

Bill Tracker Google Sheets & Google Docs

At Accountor CPA, we get a lot of questions about Google Docs and Google Sheets bill trackers. Do these work?

In recent years, the number of templates for spread sheets and documents for expense tracking and budgeting has exploded. When you are an individual with very few expenses or many recurring expenses, a simple Google Sheets bill tracker can be sufficient for you to trace your bill payments and spending. They can even be integrated with some bookkeeping software to help manage your overall finances.

However, these options are not as beneficial for businesses or individuals with many bills to keep track of. Without the ability to receive custom notifications about upcoming deadlines or pay a bill directly through a Google Docs bill tracker, you are likely adding one too many steps to an already complex process.

We can help you migrate your existing Google Docs or Sheets bill tracking data to a more robust system and enhance your tracing if you are struggling with the next steps to take. Eliminate redundancies and simplify your bill payment tracking apps.

Help With How to Choose a Bill Payment Tracker App

While each bill payment tracker app has its own unique functions and benefits, many of them perform the same basic functions. The difference comes in which of the more advanced features you need to run your business.

When choosing a bill payment tracker app, we will help create a comprehensive list of features that you need to run your business. Then, we find the bill tracker app software that fits your business needs - not the other way around.

Some common features to look for in a good bill budget application:

  • Easy integration with other accounting and bookkeeping software;
  • Capture paper bills via your mobile device’ camera;
  • Custom notifications;
  • Managing or automatically paying recurring expenses;
  • Redundant security and monitored access;
  • Bill deadline tracking;
  • Bill categorization;
  • Cloud-based software or apps;
  • Seamless reporting for custom dates;
  • Managed user access for employees or your accountant;
  • Tax preparation features;
  • Canadian tax and legislation compliance;
  • Minimal manual data entry;
  • Automated reconciling with bank and/or credit accounts;
  • Managing all financial assets, liabilities, and resources;
  • Packaged support and assistance as needed.

If you are a new business, you may not have many bills or regular expenses yet. However, it is always important to give yourself room to grow. That is why Accountor CPA offers scalable bill tracking apps and solutions so you always have access to the bookkeeping features you need as you need them.

Bill Budget Planner & Tracking for Effective Accounting

Without bill tracking and management apps, you risk your budgeting, profits, accounting, and bookkeeping being inaccurate. To maintain clear financial records and control over your business’ finances, you need at least a simple bill tracking app to help you stay up to date on payments and curb spending where you can.

If you are a new business trying to make sense of tracking bill payments and bookkeeping or accounting software, Accountor CPA can help.

Support For The Best Way To Track Bills: Work With A Bookkeeper

While bill tracking apps and bill budget planners are great ways to stay on top of your invoices and accounts payable on the go, working with a qualified and experienced bookkeeper is the best way to keep track of your payments and finances.

So much more goes into tracking bill payments than simply meeting a deadline. Documenting bills, receipts, and invoices, consolidating and reconciling accounts, analyzing trends, creating a budget - these are all advanced bookkeeping functions that, based on your bill tracking app and payments, will help your business grow.

Contact Accountor CPA today for a free virtual consultation and learn how our bill tracking apps and services can help your business.

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