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Are you a small business owner looking for simple T2 software to file your corporate income taxes?

With Accountor CPA T2 tax filing software, you get peace of mind that your corporate taxes are being filed correctly and following all current tax legislation. Step by step software minimizes the risk of errors and informs you exactly what information you need and where to get it.

Accountor CPA T2 filing software for corporations makes year-end a breeze. You never have to worry about missing a deadline or forgetting an important document. CRA-certified T2 software applications are also leaders in security, ensuring your data is kept safe.

Ready to have an easy tax season this year? Contact Accountor CPA for a free consultation and learn what sets our T2 corporate tax return software apart.

What is T2 Tax Return Software?

The T2 is the mandatory corporate income tax return form in Canada. Each corporation must file a T2 every year with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). There is the standard T2 and also the T2 short form, which can be used by some corporations in specific situations.

T2 tax return software is necessary for filling in your T2 and T2 short. It allows you to fill in necessary form fields, automatically does some calculations, and informs you which documents you need or any areas where you may be making errors. On the other hand, some T2 software may not be fully compliant with the CRA and leave gaps in your tax filing, which can lead to consequences and penalties down the road.

There are a number of T2 corporate tax return software programs and apps available in Canada. How do you know which is the best one for your firm?

As a small business ourselves, the team at Accountor CPA knows how important T2 software is to your corporation’s bottom line. It is imperative that your business work with a T2 filing software that is approved by the CRA and offers all the features and information that you need to accurately fulfill your tax obligations.

We use the industry’s leading T2 corporation income tax return software to file your corporate T2 accurately and on time. Not only that - we also work with you year-round to maintain your corporate tax documents and help you make decisions that will minimize your tax obligations and keep more of your hard-earned income.

Let’s start with a free virtual consultation with one of our T2 tax software experts.

CRA T2 Software Regulations

To prepare your T2 at your corporation’s year end online, you must use CRA-certified software. The CRA only certifies software that meets its standards for compliance and accuracy. "Certified" software means that the developer of the tax package has gone through a process with the CRA to establish that the particular package is compatible with the CRA systems.

Using T2 tax preparation software allows you to complete your return, schedules, and necessary GIFI information electronically. Because it is CRA-certified, it also helps ensure accuracy in the data you are submitting so you can avoid costly errors or audits.

For a full list of CRA-certified T2 software, visit the CRA.

We exclusively work with CRA-certified T2 tax software for our corporate clients. Save your time and money when you work with us.

Why Choose Accountor CPA T2 Filing Software?

Our corporate T2 filing software and solutions come with an array of advantages over other firms.

  • Easy Preparation

    No need to scramble to understand all information you need and how to use the software. Your accountant will tell you exactly what they need, where to find it, and handle the filing.

  • Save Time

    T2 tax returns can take days, if not longer, to file. With a tax accountant, you can better spend this valuable time running your business.

  • Save on Costs

    Using Accountor CPA T2 software comes with much lower costs than your own subscription. Plus, working with a tax accountant helps you avoid costly interest and penalties on erroneous returns.

  • Ensure Accuracy

    Mistakes with T2 tax return software can be costly. A tax accountant will ensure there are no errors and that your tax return is completely accurate.

  • Meet All Deadlines

    Tax return due dates come up fast, especially when you are busy with your regular responsibilities. Stop worrying about CRA deadlines and let a tax accountant manage these.

  • Audit Support

    CRA audits happen. With a tax accountant, you do not have to worry about liaising with the CRA or handling assessments or audits. We take care of this time-consuming occurrence for you and remove the stress.

  • Capitalize on Credits

    There are hundreds of provincial and federal tax credits available to corporations to help you save more of your hard-earned income. The right T2 tax software keeps up to date on these to ensure you take advantage of all that you qualify for.

  • Planning and Strategy Development

    T2 software can be used more than just once per year. We use it year-round to create tax planning strategies to minimize your tax burden at the end of the tax year.

  • Benefit from Experience

    With the combined decades of experience with corporate tax return filing, our team knows the ins and outs of maximizing your profit and minimizing your tax obligations. Take advantage of our experience to grow your company.

Canada T2 Software Solutions & Services

At Accountor CPA, we are dedicated to providing the best T2 software Canada to keep your corporation compliant and financially healthy. We work with T2 tax software that is easy to use, easy to understand, and ensures your corporation meets its tax obligations and deadlines with the CRA.

We work to ensure you can focus on what you do best - running your business. We handle what we know best - filing corporate tax returns with the leading T2 software.

The services we offer corporations in Canada with our T2 software include:

  • Set up and integration of custom T2 filing software
  • Preparation and filing of corporate income tax returns (T2)
  • Tax compliance with all federal and provincial regulations
  • Maintaining relevant updates for T2 software
  • US tax compliance
  • Tax services for non-resident shareholders
  • Tax services for Foreign Corporations in Canada
  • Preparing of employee returns (T4s, T4As, and T5s)
  • Backfiling
  • Tax disclosure and tax appeals
  • Liaise with the CRA
  • Income tax planning and tax strategy
  • Tax services for reorganizations and amalgamations
  • HST and sales tax filings
  • Compensation planning
  • Tax advisory services
  • Remote services for online corporate tax prep

Whatever your company needs, Accountor CPA has a solution for you. Get in touch to learn more about our custom T2 tax return software and how it can help you at year end.

The Cost of the Best T2 Software Canada

How much does it cost to use T2 corporate tax software?

The fees associated with T2 software Canada vary depending on your enterprise’s internal structure, financial dealings, income, and operations. Some T2 software has a regular monthly rate which can cost you thousands, while others charge a one-time fee that will charge you much lower.

At Accountor CPA, we use leading T2 software to file our client’s corporate taxes. By using only the best T2 filing software, we ensure our clients have access to all the features they may need, no matter the size of their corporation or their business income. We are able to provide you with top tier T2 software for filing, often without the hefty price tag.

We offer free virtual consultations to determine the best software and services for your corporation. Contact us to get started.

What About Free T2 Filing Software?

Because T2 filing can be complex, there is usually a cost associated with it. There are very few T2 corporation income tax return software free options available, and you should be wary of any that claim to be completely free of charge.

However, there are many affordable options for T2 software available depending on your business’ structure and tax obligations. Using T2 filing software for a T2 short form, for example, is often cheaper or less expensive.

Your accountant can help you find affordable options for T2 filing software that will still fit your business needs and maintain compliance with the CRA.

Personalized T2 Tax Software For Your Business

Each corporation is different and has different tax obligations to the CRA. No two T2 tax returns will be the same, so you need to work with software that fits your needs.

For the best in T2 software and filing services, work with Accountor CPA. Our Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) are experts in Canadian corporate tax law and can provide T2 software and filing services for your tax return. We can provide information relevant to your corporation’s T2 to ensure you have the proper documents and meet the right deadlines.

Get a free consultation with us today and learn how we can make your T2 tax filing easier this year.

Save your time, money, and hard work ...

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