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Taxation Articles

Claiming Rent on Taxes

Rent prices across Canada have skyrocketed in recent years. If you pay rent for your home, it is likely the largest expense you have each month....

by Accountor Team

HST Meaning: What Does HST Mean, How to Apply, and More

Questions around HST in Canada are some of the most commonly received here at Accountor CPA....

by Accountor Team

Filing a Nil Corporate Tax Return Canada

When you own a corporation in Canada, you are required to file a T2 income tax return each year....

by Accountor Team

GST / HST Payment in Canada

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to navigate the complex GST / HST payment regulations and schedules....

by Accountor Team

HST Credit: Everything You Need to Know

HST, or harmonized sales tax, is a tax used in some provinces in Canada...

by Accountor Team

T2 Tax Return - Everything You Need To Know About Your T2

Preparing your T2 corporate tax return can be an intimidating process....

by Accountor Team

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We get asked questions about taxation in Canada on a daily basis. Because taxation updates affects every individual in Canada, navigating all the taxation articles and information online can be difficult.

Accountor CPA’s taxation blog seeks to sort out all the information and technicalities about tax in Canada and provide accurate, relevant, and easy to understand articles to help our clients. When it comes to taxes, it is essential for an individual to have all the information they need to make informed decisions and meet all legal obligations.

Our tax related articles cover information regarding tax in different provinces, federal tax, personal taxes, and business taxes. There are hundreds of aspects for an individual or business that impact tax filings for the year. Understanding these can help you make decisions about when and why to work with a tax professional.

The tax articles on our blog cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Personal tax filing and planning
  • Corporate tax filing and planning
  • GST / HST registration and administration
  • T2 preparation and filing
  • Tax planning
  • CRA audits and reassessments
  • US and cross-border tax returns
  • Business tax credits and thresholds
  • Personal tax credits and deductions

Taxation Articles Updated

In Canada, taxation articles are updated annually, if not even more often. With federal, territorial, and provincial tax legislation changing often, it’s important for you to have the most recent information at your fingertips. All of our tax-related articles provide specific annual information about taxes in Canada, so you know exactly what the information pertains to.

Our tax professionals and specialists work to ensure our clients are getting the latest taxation articles that affect them. On our taxation blog, we work to provide that same level of service.

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