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Accounting Articles

CRA Mileage Rate in Canada (2022, 2023): How Much You Can Claim Per…

If you have a personal vehicle you use for work, you may be entitled to certain mileage rate benefits from your employer....

by Accountor Team

The Many Benefits of Using RPA Accounting In the Workplace

Robotic process automation (RPA) has been active in the business world since the early 2000s. But, while some industries boast high-efficiency rates and......

by Accountor Team

Notice to Reader Financial Statements

If you have ever applied for a bank loan or sought investors for your company, you may be familiar with Notice to Reader financial statements....

by Accountor Team

Tips On How To Avoid CRA Scams

In the era of mobile phones and vibrant internet, frauds are bound to be committed often. CRA scams are quite a number and they keep evolving with time. Taxpayers should always be alert...

by Accountor Team

Top 5 Small Business Accounting Tools to Use Online

Accounting can sometimes be a time-consuming task for many small business owners, although it’s necessary for tracking, managing, and optimizing a business’ growth over time....

by Accountor Team

Cloud Accounting: What There Is To Know

Today, the impact of globalization, the rise of big data, rapid advances in technology and widespread internet-based applications have all paved way for the emergence of cloud computing....

by Accountor Team

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Are you a small business owner handling your own accounting? An individual trying to track family finances? Or an accountant looking for further resources?

Whatever your reason, having access to up-to-date accounting blog posts and CPA articles is essential for effective financial planning and management. Accountants can handle corporate accounting, bookkeeping, personal accounting, tax filing, auditing, and more. With such a wide variety of responsibilities and capabilities comes the need for compiled, in depth information.

The Accountor CPA accounting blog offers detailed information about the finance and accounting industry to help our clients make informed decisions. Staying up to date on accounting related articles is important for anyone who does accounting work or who works with an accountant on their business. Having knowledge about how the processes work can help you with financial planning and management.

Accounting Articles for Businesses and Individuals

Our accounting blog focuses on corporate accounting, small business accounting, freelance accounting, and personal accounting. No two companies or people are alike, and we aim to include accounting and finance articles that are relevant for all Canadians.

We cover a variety of topics in our accounting blog articles, including:

  • Accounting services for corporations and businesses
  • Accounting services for individuals and families
  • Accounting applications and software
  • Workflow analysis and processes
  • Cloud accounting
  • How to choose an accounting firm
  • Creating and using financial statements
  • How to prepare tax filings

Understanding the role of an accountant in your business or personal life can set you up for success. Our accounting articles are here to answer your questions!

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At Accountor CPA, our team of CPAs offers the latest information. When you’re looking for accounting blogs in Canada, there are many options, often written by hobbyists or unqualified individuals. The information you find on Accountor CPA is professional, expert, and qualified advice or updates to ensure you are on the right track with your finances.

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