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Local Accountant in Newmarket, Ontario

Our services will give you ample free time you would have spent on bookkeeping, accounting, administrative work, and understanding complicated software, time which you can use to rise above the competition and hone in your vision to make your business into something more extraordinary.

Accountor CPA: Your financial partner

We are one of Newmarket's best local accounting agencies. Accountor CPA will help you establish and skyrocket your business into a profitable and lucrative investment in this historic town in south Ontario. We are here to help, so please contact us today with any questions or concerns.

Accounting that's tailored to your needs

We provide one-of-a-kind professional services that will make you feel at home. Our team will help you fine-tune your business into something to be wrecking with and whose name will be well known among the golden horseshoe region. We're here to help you grow your business.

A full-service accounting firm for Newmarket, Ontario

Accountor CPA is a full-serve, customer-first accounting firm organized with the needs of small, mid-sized and large businesses and individuals in Newmarket, Ontario, in mind. Accountor is noted for its world-class chartered professional accountants and for the many services we offer. Those services include bookkeeping services, CFO services, personal and corporate tax services, payroll services, tax planning services, and accounting solutions for E-Commerce activities and platforms. We also offer leading-edge virtual accounting services and advisory services geared toward optimizing your business cash flow and ensuring that your accounts receivable/accounts payable function superbly. We are adept at helping small companies because they do not face small problems.

We offer the best services in Canada

What we offer

What the traditional accounting firm offers

The Accountor CPA Advantage

The latest cloud and online software – XERO, Wave, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, SAGE

Outdated software

Software that seamlessly integrates with your accounting and business processes

Fewer overhead costs

Higher fees

Cost savings you can invest back into your local business

Legislation updates are done automatically

Slower updates on changes in tax legislation

With Accountor CPA accounting firm, you never have to worry about being non-compliant, even for a minute

A predictable flat monthly rate tailored to your business budget

Unexpected costs

No unexpected cost surprises that leave you scrambling 

Our services change as your business changes; we are wholly scalable and customizable

Lack of customization

We customize our services immediately to meet your business needs, meaning you don’t lose weeks or months getting the service your business needs

You can check your current cash flow, tax situation, expenses, or budget from any device

Infrequent reports on tax matters important to you

With Accountor, you can address a problem right away

You can meet your accountant online if you wish

Scheduling inflexibility

You no longer have to go to an accountant’s office to get the documents you need or to discuss confidential matters

We’ll work to earn your trust – just ask some of our satisfied customers and clients

“After running my business for five years and having used other bookkeepers, I would recommend Accountor to anyone. They are a great investment to my business by being very professional and full of great innovative ideas. They are down to earth and easy to work with and very efficient. Thank you for your services and keep up the great work!”  – Brandon L

Professional accountants for every type of business in Newmarket, Ontario

Accountor CPA serves everyone’s needs. We assist those in the healthcare sector – doctors, pharmacists, chiropractors, dentists – and we help those in the technical and manufacturing sector as well as those businesses or firms in the insurance and finance sector. We also provide support for local charities and small non-profit organizations. Whatever need you may have, Accountor CPA accounting firm has the diligent accountants to make your goals a reality. Find your dream accountant right here in Newmarket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions & Answers

Our chartered professional accountants and skilled bookkeepers are available by phone or can be accessed through any device courtesy of our virtual accounting services. We respond promptly to call text inquiries or requests, and our automated, real-time virtual accounting tools will often address problems before even our committed staff can. Otherwise, call us toll-free or email us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are the industry leader in providing security and protection for our Newmarket clients. We offer end-to-end encryption, secure physical premises, an off-site backup server in the case of a disaster, frequent security audits, immediate security patches and automatic updates, built-in user identification methods, notifications of suspected fraud, and top anti-malware professionals.

Our accountants are all in good standing with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario. We are experts in provincial and federal tax legislation and new laws, and we have specialists with keen insight into provincial HST regulations and tax credits. Our accountants are also well-versed in provincial and federal laws and regulations pertaining to payroll taxes and to review engagement and auditing processes. If you need help, we are there for you.

At Accountor CPA, we want to help all businesses, large or small. And the best way we know how is to save them money. Our virtual accounting services will make sure you are always updated on the latest legislation and never get hit with non-compliance penalties. Our staff will streamline your accounts receivables processes so that clients receive immediate notifications and can pay more readily. Our consultation services will identify problem areas that are costing you money or complicating your tax filing efforts.

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing. Small, local businesses may only need small interventions. Or, they do not have the money for whole-sale changes. We customize the services we offer to meet your budget, big or small. Our focus is on finding out what works best for your company, what you can afford, and then crafting a solution that gives you the most value at an affordable price. Flexible pricing is needed, just as customizable care is needed, because no two businesses or firms are the same.

Our virtual services are defined by the following key features: a collaborative partnership between Accountor CPA and our clients; staff who are leading experts in SAGE and Freshbooks, as well as certified in QuickBooks and XERO; comprehensive, customizable, real-time automated systems for retail, accounts payable and accounts receivable processes; and virtual accounting services tailored to accommodate amalgamations, administrative management, and future cash flow projections.

Our staff meets the highest CPA and CSRE reporting standards. All of our chartered professional accountants are in good standing with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario and are certified to implement and customize the leading online accounting software. We hire the best because that is what our Newmarket clients deserve.

Accountor CPA is a partner, not just an accounting firm. Every accountant at Accountor CPA cares about people, especially those running small businesses. We offer top virtual accounting tools, constant support, and scale and customize our services to fit your business. Accountor CPA provides fee consultations because we are the best in the industry at identifying problems and prescribing solutions. And lastly, our ability to streamline and tax-proof your e-commerce platforms and activities is without equal. We save you money and create new ways for you to create money free from avoidable tax burdens.

This is why we do what we do

Accountor CPA: Testimonials

Darya Demchenko

Source: Google My Business

The service this team has provided been nothing but exceptional. They exceeded all of my expectations. Igors knowledge and ability to solve all of my concerns just keep surprising me each time. Would strongly recommend them if you are looking to get everything solved properly and in no time. Many thanks for all your work.

Shane Seo

Source: Google My Business

This firm provided me with a sense of security. They were quick in their actions, patient in explanations, and incredibly supportive from start to finish

Alexander Bo

Source: Google My Business

Extremely happy with this accounting firm. Very professional and knowledgeable.

Michael Brill

Source: Google My Business

Igor is an outstanding accountant with great knowledge. He is honest and confident in his knowledge, which is important if your going to listen to your accountant and follow their recommendations. I am very happy with him.

Adrian Pacholik

Source: Google My Business

Great service, very responsive to my emails and messages.

Ajethan Prabaharan

Source: Google My Business

CPA accounting had very outstanding and knowledgeable service!

Triarii Consulting

Source: Google My Business

Simply put, Accountor has allowed me to focus on my business and my clients, without worrying about my bookkeeping responsibilities. Highly recommended to anyone seeking bookkeeping services.

Yalda K

Source: Google My Business

Yarik helped us with our taxes and we were at his office for maybe 10 minutes max, on a weekend :) The rest was taken care of via email.

Update: My tax work wasn't updated on CIC weeks after. It was only fixed after resubmission.

Ando Del

Source: Google My Business

Yarik is and has been exceptional. Always answers our calls and is there to look after our bookkeeping and accounting needs. Highly recommend him!!


Vii L.

Source: Yelp

Worked with Yarik form AccountTor for a few years now. He is prompt, knowledgeable, and provides great advice for our family's personal and business taxes, and real estate as well. With a busy schedule, we always rely and trust in Yarik to deliver his expertise and complete our taxes in time. Thank you!

Brandon L

Source: Google My Business

After running my business for 5 years and having used other bookkeepers, I would recommend Accountor to anyone. They are a great investment to my business by being very professional and full of great innovative ideas. They are down to earth and easy to work with and very efficient. Thank you for your services and keep up the great work.

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