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How Do I Find My NAICS Code, and How Is It Essential for My Business?

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Knowing about Canadian industry codes and their role in businesses is essential if you are a new entrepreneur. NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) was initiated in 1997 to replace the original SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes for economic activity.

The government asks all operating businesses for their NAICS code when filing taxes. This unique number will identify your company’s operations to Statistics Canada. Business owners should know their industry code, from farms to corporations and self-employed entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs may not understand how necessary this identifier is for their business. Thankfully, finding your NAICS code is simple to do online or by using a professional tax advisor.

NAICS Code Canada: Everything You Need To Know as a Business Owner

The NAICS code for Canada is broken down into several parts. Businesses can have anywhere from a 3 to 6-digit industry code to identify their company’s operations. In addition, there is a preset hierarchy for classification and organizational purposes.

This table outlines the top level of the NAICS industry code lookup in Canada.




Agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting


Mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction








Wholesale trade


Retail trade


Transportation, warehousing


Information, cultural industries 


Finance, insurance


Real estate, rental, leasing


Professional, scientific, technical services


Management of companies, enterprises


Administrative and support, waste management, remediation services


Educational services


Health care, social assistance


Arts, entertainment, recreation


Accommodation, food services


Other services (except public administration)


Public administration 

Each top-level code breaks down into appropriate subcategories once you click on them through the website. This way, businesses can identify with their unique industry. If you’re wondering how to find a NAICS code, a complete listing is available on the NAICS Statistics Canada website.

Simple NAICS Code Canada Lookup Tools and Services Online

You aren't alone if you’ve ever asked, ‘How do I find my NAICS code?’. Many new entrepreneurs may not know how to find their industry classifier. Thankfully, business owners can look it up themselves online or seek expertise from a professional tax consultant.

The NAICS code search in Canada is available on the Statistics Canada website under the industry classifications page. Entrepreneurs can use the search bar to look up an industry or go through the hierarchy of menus to pinpoint their unique code.

As companies work in more digital industries, NAICS adds unique codes to accommodate these operations. Some more recent additions to industry codes were to include businesses like:

  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • DoorDash delivery drivers
  • Instacart grocery shoppers
  • Commission sales
  • Cleaning services
  • Personal trainers

As more companies evolve, these new business tasks change the economic landscape. The next time the NAICS industry codes will see revision will be in 2027.

Why Industry Classification Codes In Canada Matter for Small Businesses

The NAICS Canada industry codes have several purposes for businesses. These multi-digit identifiers are necessary for many company activities.

It’s worth exploring the NAICS code Canada lookup feature for your business. Your unique industry identifier will help with:

  • Tax return accuracy, tax credits, and possible industry deductions
  • Eligibility for local and federal grants and incentive programs
  • Qualifying for business loans
  • Eligibility for government contracts

Your business is better positioned to receive tax advantages and financial assistance with a proper NAICS code.

Determining the appropriate industry code is simple with the NAICS code search in Canada. However, a professional tax consultant can help narrow it down if you're conducting business in a new industry.

NAICS Statistics Canada: Update, Renewal, and Change Information

If you open a new business that uses a NAICS code, you may have questions as your company grows.

1. Will my NAICS code stay the same the entire time my business operates?

If you conduct the same business operations throughout the lifetime of your company, your code should remain the same. Your code may change for your business only when you have a NAICS code that isn’t 6-digits long.

Sometimes, updates to the NAICS industry codes will include further hierarchies to distinguish unique activities. Then, your business may reach a 6-digit number.

2. Do I ever have to update my code?

Once you have a NAICS code, you shouldn’t have to update it. However, circumstances may arise if you change business operations for a specific low-level industry or enter a new one.

Sometimes, NAICS will update their code listings to include further identifiers. When this happens, your business may have to add one or two digits to your existing code.

3. Does my NAICS code need to be renewed?

Business owners don’t need to renew NAICS codes manually. These codes automatically renew if your business doesn’t change industry operations.

However, NAICS automatically updates their code list every five years to ensure it remains relevant and accurate for the industries.

4. Can I change the NAICS code for my business?

There isn’t a single method to change your business’s NAICS code since you don’t register it with a governing authority. If you’ve used one code and need to change it to a different industry, you must contact any offices where you’ve used it previously.

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