Now that your business is setup and your operations are in full swing, it is time to address the bookkeeping needs. Keeping a good record of your business operations is vital to determine and understand the financial aspects of your business and it may also be a crucial factor for when you may wish to sell your business.  And to help you do that, we offer three specific services to our Partners.

Cloud Bookkeeping:

It is the 21st century and it is time for your bookkeeping system to keep up with the times. Our cloud bookkeeping system is designed to free up your time so that you can focus on other parts of your business. As your Partners, we want to see your business run more efficiently and you can trust our experience and knowledge to help set up the necessary cloud-based technologies and paper less systems; this will ensure that your transactions are accurately categorized and linked to receipts and invoices online so that we can take care of the rest.

Sales Tax:

If you are a GST/HST registrant, you are likely to be familiar with the stress and uncertainty of managing the HST return.  And if you aren’t, you may soon become familiar. We recognize that filing a HST can be complicated, stressful and time consuming for businesses owners. To ease you burden, we offer our services to our Partners to help manage the process on your behalf. We can input the necessary tax credits for the different classes of goods and services and GST/HST exemptions. In doing so, you can be certain that your business is availing itself of all available offsets and exemptions to minimize its tax liability.


The heart of any business is its employees and one of our core services is to design and setup a streamline payroll process. We can take care of all administrative functions such as setting up new employees, managing their CRA remittances, terminations, and information return filings. And most importantly, we can ensure that your employees are paid the right amount and on time. Our goal is to ensure that our Partners and their employees do not have to worry about such administrative matters so that they can focus all their efforts on growing the business of our Partners.


Start-up Services

Accountor is not merely here to help established businesses but also those businesses which are mere start-ups. In keeping with our Mission statement, we intend to become an integral Partner of your business from the ground up. And to help us do that, we offer the following services to help such enterprises.

Start-up Consulting:

As a once upon a time start-up company ourselves, we know the thought process that is needed to help a start-up launch a new business, enter new markets, commercialize breakthrough ideas and think “bigger” about future opportunities. Through this service conduit, we hope to provide you confidence in your new venture and help you get a head start on the strategic vision and direction for your business.

Incorporation Services:

Once you have consulted with us on your start-up idea, we offer our services to help you take the next step in making your business idea become a reality: incorporate the business. To help you maximize your tax efficiency, we can conduct a top down review of the future of your business and provide you the right corporate structure solution. Our specialists can then either prepare all documents or review the forms that you have prepared and finalize the registration process.



One of the most important administrative functions for any business is to maintain good financial records and make its tax filings in an appropriate manner. In order to add value to the business of our Partners, we offer a host of services that are designed to help you with cash–flow management, budgeting, strategic planning and other aspects of your business. Our comprehensive service accounts for all aspects of your tax planning and filings needs

Financial Statement Compilation:

As a corporation, you will need to produce a set of financial statements at your fiscal year-end. By going through your accounting data, we will ensure that your numbers are organized. By keeping our employees up to speed with changing requirements and reporting guidelines through our training program, we ensure that the financial statements of our Partners meet all relevant regulations, thus avoiding any need to restate the financials in the future.

Corporate Tax Filing & Tax Planning:

Once your financial statements are prepared, we can also help you to file your return on time to avoid any penalties. While the filing aspect may be minimal, we use this as an opportunity to align your finances with your goals to minimize your income tax liability. We firmly believe that our Partners’ long-term financial goals should align with their business. As such, we work with each Partner separately to ensure that your specific needs are met at every turn. Over time, we’ll work with you to ensure your business and long-term plans are aligned be it by choosing the right balance of salary, bonus, or dividends or by determining the optimal corporate structure.

Self Employed Tax Preparation & Personal Tax Filings:

If you operate as an unincorporated entity, we’ll file your personal T1 income tax return and incorporate its preparation into our holistic tax preparation services. We will endeavour to incorporate your financial goals not only into that of your business, but also that of your personal finances. This will ensure that your needs are met by a single service provider and that all aspects are considered when coming up with the right structure of compensation so that you get to save the most amount of money. Furthermore, if you should wish to receive a free consultation regarding the filing of your personal taxes without errors, feel free to contact us today!