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Veronica Taylor - Operations Manager

Veronica Taylor
Operations Manager
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Veronica is the operations manager for Accountor CPA. She has twenty years of experience in accounting, general and operational management. Her expertise in aligning processes and building and managing teams allows Accountor CPA to begin working with new clients on short notice. In addition to the onboarding knacks, she has a wide variety of hard skills and uses them to help our clients grow and prosper.

She is a brilliant and top-talented person — her love and interest in higher mathematics and modern computer systems allow us to keep up with the times. And it's not a surprise. Her professional background combines education in Computer Systems Technology with experience in the accounting and payroll field.

In her spare time, she likes to paint with oil, acrylic and water paint on canvas and paper. Her favourite artists are Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Jackson Pollock. She enjoys creating seascapes, landscapes and abstract art. She loves black and white photography and attended the Dundas Valley School of Art. Her favourite photography subjects are her dogs and industrial cityscapes. In addition to art, Veronica loves to watch and attend CFL games (Go Cats Go!)

Veronica is an exceptionally reliable member of our team who is always focused on the success of our clients. We are all focused on ensuring that our customers are happy and satisfied. Once you start working with Accountor CPA, you can rest assured that your company is in strong hands and bright minds. +1-416-646-2580
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