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Payroll services in Saskatoon that save your Saskatoon business money and trouble

Accountor CPA’s payroll processing services offer constant updates and will ensure all of your Saskatoon business’s tax documents and employee documents are in accord with CRA legislation. Our tools will ensure you are well-positioned to meet the requirements of provincial and federal policies and all relevant insurance plans.

Saskatoon’s leading payroll processing company

Accountor CPA provides payroll processing services for Saskatoon companies and businesses of any sort. Whether your business is large or small, we’ll provide software tools that will aid with deductions and remittances, manage time-off and employee scheduling, and take care of tax forms, expense tracking, and benefits and retirement contributions.

Online payroll services that serve the needs of any local Saskatoon company or business

We are the nearby payroll processing company in Saskatoon that will manage all company payroll cycles and precisely calculate all wage and benefits expenses. We provide support for all payroll-related tasks and ensure all employee and tax documents are processed and filed in timely fashion.

Expert payroll for small businesses and companies in Saskatoon

Our payroll services in Saskatoon are designed to help your local Saskatoon company pay employees in a timely fashion, ensure efficient distribution of pay stubs and employee tax documents, and can be tailored to meet challenges associated with employee accounts management. We are the local accounting leaders in processing and distributing T4s and T4As, and our payroll processing services are designed to handle every kind of tax return, employee benefit and expense tracking, contributions of all types to retirement and insurance plans, and to look after employee scheduling and vacation scheduling.

The premiere payroll services in Saskatoon

Accountor CPA’s processing tools and services provide customizable and scalable solutions that will expedite and streamline payroll processing tasks. In addition to automatic updates of all documents, our online Cloud storage services offer outstanding security and ready access from anywhere. Your tax filings will be done automatically, while you will never again have to worry about managing ROEs and employee accounts. We will facilitate the opening and closing of employee accounts, and ensure that all obligations to employees, including former employees, are fully met.

Accountor CPA serves more than 500 clients and more than 75 communities across Canada. Since 2015, we have won numerous awards in Ontario and across Canada for our masterful use of the latest software brands designed with you in mind. Our accountants are experts in WagePoint, Paylocity, XERO, VIP, Quickbooks and FreshBooks. We will handle all payroll and tax processing, update all accounts and payroll information, distribute documents to the right people, and keep you CRA-compliant.

Here are the benefits of partnering with the best payroll services in Saskatoon:

What Saskatoon companies need

What we offer local Saskatoon businesses 

How we help nearby businesses and companies thrive

Customizable processing services

Solutions tailored to you

Get what’s right for your local Saskatoon business

Scalable processing services

Services that grow as your local Saskatoon company grows

Services that fit today’s business, not yesterday’s

Automatic updates

All of your tax and employee documents updated in real-time

Always be CRA-compliant

Easy online access 

All of your documents a click away

Get what you need when you need it

Responsive customer support

Fast responses and actionable plans inside 24 hours

Get your local company’s problem solved now, not when it’s too late

Leading software technology

The leading software brands for your company

Software tools that do the job

Cost savings

Our virtual payroll processing services remove the need for an in-house payroll specialist

Invest the money you save back into your Saskatoon business’s growth

Peace of mind

The best in the industry taking care of your payroll processing

Know your company is in good hands

Exemplary services in Saskatoon for all local non-profit organizations

Accountor CPA meets the needs of local Saskatoon non-profit organizations. Our online payroll services will handle all ROEs, employee pay stubs, employee data, and tax documents – such as T4s and T4As. Our tools will track expenses, aid in HR tasks, and even provide background checks, as needed. With Accountor CPA, all of your Saskatoon non-profit’s tax and vital business or company documents will be thoroughly processed and ready for filing. Accountor CPA will look after and manage all of your company deductions, bonuses, contributions and remittances.

Local payroll services in Saskatoon for everyone’s needs

Accountor CPA has payroll processing tools for every task, business, and industry. Call us today and discover the Accountor CPA Advantage.

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We help non-profits devoted to human rights and to children’s rights, organizations devoted to animal welfare and to scientific and economic development, and health and wellness companies and sports clubs – as well as private foundations and many other entities.

Our payroll processing services will save you money, keep you up-to-date and CRA-compliant, help you fulfill obligations to employees (past and present) and make ROE processing easier than ever for your company or business.

Accountor CPA provides extensive payroll processing support to all local companies and businesses – everyone from healthcare and engineering firms to firms in finance and insurance and companies in marketing and advertising.

Our services will give your small local business or company exceptionally precise and timely payroll processing calculations, accounts reconciliation, and distribution of pay stubs and monies to employees. You will have exemplary Cloud storage of all tax and business documents, and we furnish online customized and automated solutions that will overcome any challenge. You will be able to access your documents whenever you need to, and get the information you need when it’s needed.

We provide you with end-to-end encryption, expert anti-malware specialists dedicated to protecting you, backup storage of your documents on a secure, remote server, and prompt security patches and frequent security updates.

Accountor CPA’s online services and tools will make your payroll processing cycles on-time and efficient, will get pay cheques to the right people in a timely manner, will take care of employee expenses and manage vacation scheduling and absences, and will provide automatic withholdings that keep your Saskatoon business or company compliant with all the latest legislation. Our virtual services will also spare your small or mid-sized business the need for an in-house payroll specialist when processing payroll or completing associated tasks.

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Accountor CPA: Testimonials

Dorian Londo

Source: Google My Business

Great work and overall experience. Customer service oriented for sure. Always available for a phone call.

Eric Tsesler

Source: Google My Business

I have been working with Accountor for the past couple years, and I am consistently impressed with their expertise and professionalism. They are incredibly knowledgeable about tax laws and have helped me save a significant amount of money by identifying deductions I wasn't aware of. In addition, their customer service is excellent - they are always prompt in responding to my questions.

Triarii Consulting

Source: Google My Business

Simply put, Accountor has allowed me to focus on my business and my clients, without worrying about my bookkeeping responsibilities. Highly recommended to anyone seeking bookkeeping services.

Yalda K

Source: Google My Business

Yarik helped us with our taxes and we were at his office for maybe 10 minutes max, on a weekend :) The rest was taken care of via email.

Update: My tax work wasn't updated on CIC weeks after. It was only fixed after resubmission.

Ando Del

Source: Google My Business

Yarik is and has been exceptional. Always answers our calls and is there to look after our bookkeeping and accounting needs. Highly recommend him!!


Vii L.

Source: Yelp

Worked with Yarik form AccountTor for a few years now. He is prompt, knowledgeable, and provides great advice for our family's personal and business taxes, and real estate as well. With a busy schedule, we always rely and trust in Yarik to deliver his expertise and complete our taxes in time. Thank you!

Brandon L

Source: Google My Business

After running my business for 5 years and having used other bookkeepers, I would recommend Accountor to anyone. They are a great investment to my business by being very professional and full of great innovative ideas. They are down to earth and easy to work with and very efficient. Thank you for your services and keep up the great work.

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