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The leading payroll processing company in Charlottetown for every task

Our payroll processing services meet the needs of local Charlottetown businesses. Completing and filing tax documents will never be easier, and we will help with employee background checks and with calculating and distributing retirement and benefits contributions. Our services will manage employee absences, ROEs, and even assist with employee self-service.

Online payroll services that will help every Charlottetown business find success

Accountor CPA has online payroll services that feature the leading software brands customized and tailored to serve your local company’s requirements. We will help you manage your employees and ensure that expenses and benefits, all withholdings, and tax filings are done on-time and thoroughly.

Our payroll processing services take care of local small businesses in Charlottetown

Accountor CPA’s payroll processing tools will ensure you are always compliant with federal and provincial guidelines for employee benefits packages. We will guarantee that pay stubs and vital documents get to where they need to be in a timely manner, and that your payment platform is versatile and precise.

Payroll processing services for every local business or company

Accountor CPA provides payroll services in Charlottetown that will provide automatic deductions and remittances – as well as withholdings – so being non-compliant on your taxes is no longer an issue. Your local Charlottetown business will receive payroll processing services that will track and calculate every obligation, make opening and closing employee accounts uncomplicated, and that will make your Charlottetown company handle its recruiting and employee management like never before. With our services, you will be able to look after wage increases and employee perks or bonuses with complete assurance.

Online payroll services in Charlottetown tailored to give you what you need

Accountor CPA offers exceptional payroll processing services that grant Charlottetown businesses and companies exemplary self-service tools, top-notch payroll cycles, leading expenses and benefits tracking, unsurpassed tax form filing support, and readily accessible and automatically updated online documents. Your coverage plans will be processed with expert precision by our services, and you will never again be in arrears on contributions or benefits. Your T4s and T4As will be done right the first time, and we will provide regular reporting so your Charlottetown business or company can make better decisions.

Since our founding in 2015, Accountor CPA has become the trusted partner of some of Canada’s largest companies, such as Tim Horton’s and Boston Pizza. Our payroll processing services are at the top of what we offer our clients, and our outstanding payroll processing services featuring leading software applications – Freshbooks, QuickBooks, Paylocity, XERO, WagePoint, and VIP – that can be customized and scaled to give your local Charlottetown business or company exactly what it needs.

Here’s a glimpse at what you get partnering with the best payroll services in Charlottetown:

What Charlottetown businesses need

What Accountor CPA offers local companies 

How we help

Customizable services

Services tailored for your local Charlottetown company

Get what fits your business, not someone else’s

Scalable processing services

Services that grow with your Charlottetown business

Tools that fit today’s business, not yesterday’s

Online access to company taxes or payroll documents

Online documents accessible with the clock of a button

Get your company information when you need it

Cost savings

Online payroll processing services that eliminate the need for in-house payroll specialists

Put more of your money into growing your Charlottetown business

Automatic updates

We make sure all of your documents are up-to-date

Never again worry about being non-compliant

Responsive customer care

Actionable plans for solving problems inside 24 hours

Get a business problem solved now, and not when it’s too late

Secure Cloud storage

All of your online documents are closely guarded

Never worry about your Charlottetown company’s information falling into the wrong hands

Peace of mind

Have the best payroll processing company in Charlottetown at your side

Rest easy that you are working with the best

Local Charlottetown services that aid all non-profit organizations

Accountor CPA looks after local Charlottetown non-profit organizations and will expertly manage your tax filings, employee accounts, employee absence and scheduling tasks, employee background checks, ROEs, and vital tasks such as remittances, deductions, bonuses, contributions, and withholdings. Your non-profit will never have to worry again about coverage plans for employees and all of our payroll processing services are scalable and customizable to fit your needs. We will keep your non-profit CRA-compliant and out of trouble.

Premium payroll services in Charlottetown that meet the needs of local clients

Accountor CPA gives local Charlottetown companies and businesses customized and flexibly priced payroll processing services for every type of client. Call us today and learn more about the Accountor Advantage.

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Accountor CPA Accounting Bookkeeping and Tax Experts

Popular Questions & Answers

Accountor CPA has exceptional ROE services for businesses in addition to our payroll processing services. We will guarantee that you meet your ROE filings every time, will ensure that your Record of Employment documents are more precise than ever before, and will facilitate prompt payments to employees after the employee and your company part ways.

We offer many benefits to our local clients, but some of the leading ones are as follows: customized payroll solutions; precise processing of your remittances and deductions; scalable payroll services as your Charlottetown business or company grows; and proper maintenance and frequent updates of your payroll and employee information.

Our tools will give you accurate and timely payroll cycle processes and will manage all benefits payments and contributions. We will make it easier to open up employee accounts and to fulfill all obligations under company coverage plans or federal/provincial legislation. And we will manage employee access and aid you with HR management.

With our applications, you get a dependable payment platform that can be well-integrated with your bookkeeping and accounting processes. Retirement plan contributions, regular tax filings, ROE management and filings, and tracking employees have all never been easier or more efficient to do.

Our payroll processing services help Charlottetown manufacturers, retail companies, healthcare businesses, advertising businesses, those in the food sector, those in banking and insurance, and those companies in advertising or marketing – among many others.

We help non-profit organizations such as private foundations, educational organizations, organizations devoted to scientific and economic development, health and wellness businesses, and organizations devoted to children’s services and to animal welfare. We are here for everyone.

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Accountor CPA: Testimonials

Dorian Londo

Source: Google My Business

Great work and overall experience. Customer service oriented for sure. Always available for a phone call.

Eric Tsesler

Source: Google My Business

I have been working with Accountor for the past couple years, and I am consistently impressed with their expertise and professionalism. They are incredibly knowledgeable about tax laws and have helped me save a significant amount of money by identifying deductions I wasn't aware of. In addition, their customer service is excellent - they are always prompt in responding to my questions.

Triarii Consulting

Source: Google My Business

Simply put, Accountor has allowed me to focus on my business and my clients, without worrying about my bookkeeping responsibilities. Highly recommended to anyone seeking bookkeeping services.

Yalda K

Source: Google My Business

Yarik helped us with our taxes and we were at his office for maybe 10 minutes max, on a weekend :) The rest was taken care of via email.

Update: My tax work wasn't updated on CIC weeks after. It was only fixed after resubmission.

Ando Del

Source: Google My Business

Yarik is and has been exceptional. Always answers our calls and is there to look after our bookkeeping and accounting needs. Highly recommend him!!


Vii L.

Source: Yelp

Worked with Yarik form AccountTor for a few years now. He is prompt, knowledgeable, and provides great advice for our family's personal and business taxes, and real estate as well. With a busy schedule, we always rely and trust in Yarik to deliver his expertise and complete our taxes in time. Thank you!

Brandon L

Source: Google My Business

After running my business for 5 years and having used other bookkeepers, I would recommend Accountor to anyone. They are a great investment to my business by being very professional and full of great innovative ideas. They are down to earth and easy to work with and very efficient. Thank you for your services and keep up the great work.

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