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Local bookkeeping services in Fredericton that will save you money and time

At Accountor CPA, our local Fredericton bookkeepers can introduce you to online tools that will remove the need for an in-house bookkeeper while always keeping you up-to-date and compliant. With our customizable and scalable bookkeeping software – such as Sage, Wave, QuickBooks, FreshBooks and many others – we’ll help you avoid oversights.

Bookkeeping in Fredericton with proven solutions for your Fredericton firm

Accountor CPA offers the local bookkeepers in Fredericton who can meet your every need. From accounts management to tax filing to handling expenses and receipts, to providing sound budget advice, our bookkeepers are there for you. We offer services that will successfully streamline and automate your Fredericton firm or business.

The best in bookkeeping for small businesses and firms in Fredericton

Our Accountor CPA bookkeepers offer specialized services to help your small firm achieve great results. We will handle receipts and expenses, look after accounts payable and accounts receivable, get you paid faster, and will provide sound financial advice and budgets you can depend upon.

The best bookkeeping for local businesses

Our local bookkeepers provide bookkeeping in Fredericton that covers the every need of local Fredericton businesses and firms. Our bookkeepers will provide careful document management services so that you pay vendors promptly and receive your monies from customers more swiftly. We will prioritize budget items so you can prioritize the things that matter most. And our services will provide you with up-to-date information and comprehensive data, figures and statements so that you can make the best possible decisions for your business.

Local bookkeeping in Fredericton that boost non-profits

Our bookkeepers will guarantee that your local non-profit organization receives exemplary statements of cash flow and statements of financial position that take into account every transaction, revenue stream, and associated cost or expenditure. Our Fredericton bookkeepers will ensure you are eligible for every possible grant and that you receive every possible tax exemption. And we will look after every conceivable cost category – from fixed and variable costs to developmental and operational costs to all things in-between – so you avoid needless costs.

Bookkeeping services in Fredericton for every small business or firm – and for everyone else, too

Accountor CPA’s bookkeepers offer bookkeeping services designed to help any Fredericton small business or small firm. Our bookkeepers work with small retailers, small manufacturers, those in real estate and healthcare, restaurants, those in import/export, real estate and insurance, and those who are contractors or the self-employed. Our bookkeepers will help your small firm file quarterly sales taxes, process payroll, collect accounts receivable and create invoices, and manage bank and credit card statements reconciliations and help you with bookkeeping tasks and your firm’s financial plans.

Accountor CPA’s bookkeeping services are customizable and scalable so that they meet the needs of any business of any size or profile. Our bookkeepers are familiar with all of the major software brands – Wave, Sage, QuickBooks, Freshbooks, XERO, Bank Receipt, HubDoc and many more – and we were named the #1 bookkeeping firm in Toronto in 2023 by Clutch, in part, because of the excellent virtual services we provide.

Here’s what you gain when you have the best bookkeeping in Fredericton at your side:

What our Fredericton clients need

What we offer to Fredericton businesses and firms

The gains for you

Customizable solutions for every business

Our services can be customized to fit any business or firm’s needs

You get the solution that works for your firm and not someone else’s

Scalable solutions for every firm

Our services can be scaled to accommodate your growing Fredericton business

Get the bookkeeping services that help you with today’s business, not yesterday’s

Leading bookkeeping software

Our bookkeeping software is world-class

Have bookkeeping software that always does what you want it to


Your firm’s documents are just a click away 

Never again struggle to access documents you need today, not tomorrow

Cost savings

Our virtual bookkeeping services can remove the need for an in-house bookkeeper

Save yourself on labor costs

Total compliance

Our bookkeeping tools will automatically update your documents to keep your local Fredericton firm compliant

Never worry again about CRA penalties 

Timely support

Get actionable plans for problems from our staff within 24 hours

Your Fredericton firm or business gets its problem solved now instead of too late


Meet our bookkeepers online instead of at an office

Work around your schedule and not someone else’s

The local Bookkeeping services in Fredericton where your firm or business comes first

At Accountor CPA, we offer bookkeeping in Fredericton that can be scaled and customized for any business and firm. Contact us today and learn about the Accountor Advantage.

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Popular Questions & Answers

Our Fredericton bookkeepers offer bookkeeping services to animal shelters, health and wellness companies, educational organizations, private foundations, organizations devoted to scientific and economic development, sports clubs, and organizations devoted to human rights.

We offer software tailored to firms in construction, retail and real estate, software for automotive firms, software for sole traders, and software for professionals and contractors – to name just a few of the different types of Fredericton businesses our bookkeeping services and software help.

Our bookkeepers and bookkeeping services will (among other things) look after all accounts management, synchronize bank accounts and credit cards, ensure control over payroll processing and accounts payable/receivable, and integrate automated processes and manage user access.

Our virtual bookkeeping services are flexibly priced and they can save you on the cost of an in-house bookkeeper Fredericton.

Our bookkeepers are experts in Sage, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Wave, and XERO. We also specialize in QBO and A2X for Amazon sellers. Beyond that, we offer customizable QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Self-Employed, HubDoc, Expensify, Mint, Banktree and other bookkeeping tools for contractors and the self-employed. We likewise provide RealtyZam, Expensify, QuickBooks Online and XERO for real estate agents and realtors in Fredericton.

We are the local bookkeeper serving firms or businesses in healthcare, technical trades and manufacturing, research institutions, marketing firms, and businesses or firms in banking and finance. We also look after small businesses in retail, the restaurant industry, real estate, import/export, legal services, and insurance. Our bookkeepers and professionals are here to help everyone.

We offer complimentary reviews of your business before we start to talk fees. We also offer customized bookkeeping services and our bookkeepers will find the solution that works for you. And we offer flexible pricing that suits your budget.

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Accountor CPA: Testimonials

Dorian Londo

Source: Google My Business

Great work and overall experience. Customer service oriented for sure. Always available for a phone call.

Eric Tsesler

Source: Google My Business

I have been working with Accountor for the past couple years, and I am consistently impressed with their expertise and professionalism. They are incredibly knowledgeable about tax laws and have helped me save a significant amount of money by identifying deductions I wasn't aware of. In addition, their customer service is excellent - they are always prompt in responding to my questions.

Triarii Consulting

Source: Google My Business

Simply put, Accountor has allowed me to focus on my business and my clients, without worrying about my bookkeeping responsibilities. Highly recommended to anyone seeking bookkeeping services.

Yalda K

Source: Google My Business

Yarik helped us with our taxes and we were at his office for maybe 10 minutes max, on a weekend :) The rest was taken care of via email.

Update: My tax work wasn't updated on CIC weeks after. It was only fixed after resubmission.

Ando Del

Source: Google My Business

Yarik is and has been exceptional. Always answers our calls and is there to look after our bookkeeping and accounting needs. Highly recommend him!!


Vii L.

Source: Yelp

Worked with Yarik form AccountTor for a few years now. He is prompt, knowledgeable, and provides great advice for our family's personal and business taxes, and real estate as well. With a busy schedule, we always rely and trust in Yarik to deliver his expertise and complete our taxes in time. Thank you!

Brandon L

Source: Google My Business

After running my business for 5 years and having used other bookkeepers, I would recommend Accountor to anyone. They are a great investment to my business by being very professional and full of great innovative ideas. They are down to earth and easy to work with and very efficient. Thank you for your services and keep up the great work.

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