How Does A Tax Free Savings Account Work In Ontario

How Does A Tax Free Savings Account Work In Ontario

It is important to establish that a Tax Free Savings Account remains non-taxable. With this account, it is easier for the citizens of Canada to save concerning future financial needs. The TFSA program came into existence in 2009 for the reason of helping Canadians who are eighteen or older to save money. Canadian taxpayers with a valid social insurance number also have the opportunity to use the TFSA account in saving money while alive. Without any iota of doubt, the program has turned out to be a flexible and reliable way for Canadian taxpayers to save throughout their life. Keep reading to discover how does a tax free savings account work in Ontario.

Benefits Of Having A TFSA Account:

1. The program is a great benefit both for long-term and short-term financial objectives

2. It can help you to go back to school

3. The account can be used in buying a home

4. Funds deposited in a tax-free savings account is non-taxable

5. Fees associated with the TFSA account are not deductible

Types Of Tax Free Savings Accounts:

Taxpayers have three options when opening a TFSA account. Trust companies, credit unions, insurance services and banks have the authority to issue tax free savings accounts. For this reason, it is a good idea to contact any of the above issuer if you need an account.

1. An arrangement in trust

2. An annuity contract

3. A deposit

How The TFSA Operates?

To open a tax free savings account, you must be a Canadian of at least eighteen years or older. Remember that a valid social insurance number is also among the list of item required to be eligible for the program. There is every possibility for a non-resident to have an account. Nevertheless, non-resident accounts will face a penalty of one percent of any deposited funds.

Tips To Open A Tax Free Savings Account:

One great advantage of this program is that Canadian taxpayers can have several TFSAs. The overall funds deposited to all tax free savings accounts will not be above the available amount for a specific room in that year. Canadians willing to have a TFSA account can use the steps below:

1. Candidates will have to contact their issuer such as insurance companies, credit unions, or banks

2. Candidates will also have to provide their date of birth and social insurance number. This will help an issuer to create a tax free savings account for you. The service provider may also demand some other important documents. A TFSA may be denied if you provide false details to the issuer

Self Directed Tax Free Savings Account:

If you are looking to manage and build your personal investment profile, there is every possibility to also open a self-directed account. This can be done by selling and purchasing several investments.


Do you live in Ontario, Canada and looking for an easy way to save throughout your life? Are you an eligible Canadian with a valid social insurance number and above eighteen years old? Opening a tax free savings account can help you save for any financial obligations now and in the future. For more information, you can visit

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